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Chapter 1 - The Hogwarts Express

This is A Hogwarts Story from the very beginning, from year 1, with Cyrus and Kit, back in the marauder era. This is all from Cyrus' POV. Here's how it all began.

Chapter 1 - The Hogwarts Express

Chapter 1 - The Hogwarts Express
Cyrus walked nervously towards the pillar. He was so small compared to all of the other Hogwarts attendees. He saw kids run right by him and through the solid brick pillar. His mouth dropped open at the thought of slamming into the solid object. He shuffled his feet as he then heard someone call him.
“ Hey Rus! Whatcha doin’?”
Cyrus looked over in the direction in which the voice was coming. He saw James running at him at full speed. James tackled him, sending his suitcases flying in every possible direction. Sirius was at James’ heels, pulling his cart full of belongings. Cyrus blew his hair out of his eyes and beamed at them. Remus was lagging behind, his eyes apparently drawn to his shoes.
“ What’s up, James? Why the hurry?”
James stared in disbelief at Cyrus.
“ Are you kidding? If we don’t get on that train, we’re gonna be left behind! Hurry up!”
James stood up, trying to restore his dignity. Sirius laughed and shook his head, helping James pick up his scattered luggage. Cyrus scurried with James to pick up his own luggage. They were headed towards the pillar when they stopped. A girl was barreling towards them, holding her luggage in her arms.
“ Wait up! Wait for me! EEEYYAAAHHH!”
She tripped, falling onto Cyrus, knocking his newly gathered luggage all over the place. The girl was rubbing her head, which had slammed against Cyrus’ head when they fell.
“ I’m so sorry! I can’t even tell where I am anymore. I have been just so disoriented. I mean…”
The girl finally made eye contact. She had dazzling blue eyes and golden blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. She was pale, but small in comparison to him.
“ Well, hello to you too! Let’s just get on the train before you begin to babble on about nothing, okay?”
The girl grinned, blushed again, and began to pick up the random luggage. She lifted one of Cyrus’ suitcases up and looked at the nametag sticking out of the edge. She smiled, now knowing how to confuse him. She finally lifted the suitcases and trunks up onto the cart.
“ Ready to go?”
Cyrus looked eagerly at the girl. She could’ve been eight or nine taking her size into account.
“ Yeah, I hope I don’t run into the bricks themselves. That could hurt!”
She grabbed the cart with the entire luggage with her right hand, and she took Cyrus’s free hand in hers. They ran full speed at the pillar and made it through as the warning whistle blew. They hopped on the train and just barely made it into a compartment of their own. The girl looked exhausted. Cyrus took one good, long look at her before breaking into conversation.
“ Um… hi. My name is…”
“ Cyrus Riddle. Yeah, I know. I saw it on a nametag sticking out of your suitcase.”
The girl talked fast. She was apparently nervous.
“ Slow down, all right… now, what’s your name?”
The girl looked down at her feet. She blushed and began to stutter.
“ I… uh… I’m… well… k…. I’m Kat… I’m Kathryn Johnson. B… but you can c… call me… k… Kit…”
She looked very embarrassed. Cyrus scratched his head and laughed. Kit looked up at him, smiling slightly.
“ Kit it is then.”
Cyrus smiled, moving across the space between the seats to sit next to her. She giggled, covering her face with her hand and folding the other one in her lap. Cyrus put one arm behind her on the seat and the other pushed her long bangs from the side of her face.
“ Well, Kit, let’s get to know each other better.”
He moved in closer, ready to kiss her, when the compartment door slammed open and James made his grandiose entrance.
“ Well, well, well, my little player! It’s nice to see the lady-killer in action! You’ve picked yourself a fine little vixen, if I do say so myself!”
Sirius waltzed in after James, sitting beside Kit and laying an arm around her shoulder.
“ Well, I’d say if she let her hair down, and, you know, fixed a little bit of everything about her, she’d be drop-dead-gorgeous!”
Kit pulled away from Sirius, disgusted by him.
“ You pervert! Ugh! Get away from me!”
Kit shoved James onto the seat and stormed out of the compartment, looking at Cyrus behind her. She crashed into the cart carrying food. She was covered in various food and drinks from the cart. She lady just shook her head and walked away to get a rag. Kids of all ages leaned out of their compartments and laughed at Kit. The train shook with laughter. Kit was close to tears. She looked at Cyrus and tears began to spill down her cheeks. She stood up and Cyrus saw the ruined mess that her robes had become. James and Sirius were in hysterics and he couldn’t do anything. Kit ran away from the main compartments, crying into her hands. Cyrus glared at James and Sirius. Sirius was in hysterics and James was only beginning to calm down.
“ That was great! Geez, Rus, you should bring more girls like her to us!”
“ Thanks a lot guys! You scared her! Now she’ll never talk to me again!”
Sirius grinned and leaned back in the seat, folding his arms behind his head.
“ Oh relax, Rus! There’ll be hotter girls than that at school! Girls like her are the worst! You have to teach them EVERYTHING!”
Sirius slapped James a high five and chuckled. James smiled widely.
“ Really, Rus, she’s obviously a prude! Do you want to teach her how to kiss right? What if she’s a Hufflepuff?”
James and Sirius laughed loudly and sighed in sync. Cyrus fumed silently. He expected to be in the same house as Sirius and James. Maybe Remus and Peter would be there too. He honestly just hoped to see Kathryn again. He smiled absently, thinking about her clumsiness.
“ Haha! What are you smiling about, Rus? Thinking about Blondie again?”
Cyrus blushed brilliant red. He began to brainstorm ideas to his random smiling.
“ Um… no! I was… thinking… about… hot Gryfindors! Yeah!”
He sighed as James and Sirius began to laugh and discuss anatomy. He looked at the luggage rack above him and gasped quietly. He was in luck! Kathryn left her luggage in the compartment! Now he had an excuse to talk to her again.
The train was slowing in front of the brightly-lit castle that was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Cyrus smiled in anticipation. James and Sirius got up in the middle of a conversation about how many kids they would stun when Cyrus saw Kathryn walking slowly towards his compartment. The two boys left in the opposite direction in which she was headed. That was good! She was finally opening the door when Cyrus decided to smile and start a conversation again.
“ So… nice weather?”
Kit looked at him like he was on some sort of illegal substance.
“ What are you on?”
Rus blushed and smiled awkwardly.
“ Look, I am SO sorry about what they did! That was unforgivable! I’m not like them! Please hear me out!”
Kit smiled and nodded.
“ I believe you, don’t worry.”
Cyrus smiled and let out his held breath. He took her luggage off of the rack and handed it to her. He grabbed his own as well, handle residing in his left hand. He reached for her free left hand and took it in his right hand. She grinned and blushed.
“ Well, Cyrus? Shall we go for it?”
He ginned back nodding ferociously.
“ Yeah, we should go! I hope we’re together in classes… maybe we’ll be in Gryfindor together?”
“I’d like that… I hope so, too.”
Cyrus was just beginning to consider how great his opportunity was. He leaned towards Kit, looking at how red she was. They were faced away from public, towards the windows. He was just about to kiss her when a large, warm hand rested on his shoulder. A seventh year prefect was standing impatiently behind them. Cyrus pulled away, dropping his luggage.
“ Eh! Oh gosh! We’re gonna be late!”
Cyrus began to run out of the compartment, leaving his suitcase on the floor beside Kit. She coughed to catch his attention. He ran back in, blushing furiously. He grabbed his luggage and Kit’s hand and ran from the compartment, towards the new school.


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