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Kieran was half-demon. Her only friend was a human who was dying from lung disease. She fell in love with him, shattering the most important demon taboo. Now, he's dying. She has the chance to save his life. But will she?
This is A Hogwarts Story from the very beginning, from year 1, with Cyrus and Kit, back in the marauder era. This is all from Cyrus' POV. Here's how it all began.
This was made for American Idol. I am sending this in for the Finals! I hope they will use my lyrics though! I made these originally in Spanish, but converted them to my English translation. Please respond!
This is based on the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01. I made this because I had friends and family who dealt with this in a hard way... I decided to give them hope... worded hope, for their sakes... here you go... have fun.
This is done for a Poetry contest. This poem won most original and the most fun to read. I was also praised on the personification in certain areas in this. This is a darker poem from the summer. Enjoy.
This is a story about my original character, Kit Johnson. Her and Ivygreane's character, Cyrus Riddle, embark on adventure's through romance and dangers in Hogwarts.