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Chapter 2 - Why Her?!

This is A Hogwarts Story from the very beginning, from year 1, with Cyrus and Kit, back in the marauder era. This is all from Cyrus' POV. Here's how it all began.

Chapter 2 - Why Her?!

Chapter 2 - Why Her?!
The rowboats were crowded. Cyrus tugged Kit into his boat.
“ Stop it! I don’t like boats! Especially stupid wooden boats that could sink!”
Kit was shaking slightly. Cyrus grinned.
“ Would you like me to hold you in my strong, manly arms?”
Kit began to laugh.
“ You’re joking, right? ‘Strong, manly arms’ is what you call them? You’re cute!”
Rus smiled and laughed, choosing to ignore the playful insult. He sat her down next to him.
“ Ready for your future?”
Kit nodded.
“ What do you want to be, Cyrus?”
“ You can call me Rus, and I’m gonna be an auror! No one will be able to defeat me!”
“ Me too. I want to be an auror and make a great name for myself! Then, I want to get married and have a baby girl. I want a guy who can hold me in his arms and tell me he loves me.”
She smiled and closed her eyes, lost in thought. Cyrus blushed and gulped. He just wanted her to keep her eyes closed so she wouldn’t see how badly he was blushing.
“ Rus? Did I bother you?”
“ What? No! You didn’t… I… I just thought it was a wonderful future!”
He wondered if he could tell her that he could be that guy. He opened his mouth to tell her when a bang resounded from the sky. Thunder rolled and raindrops began to fall. Kit covered her head with her arms. Cyrus pulled his jacket off of him and handed it to her.
“ Use this. This’ll keep you dry.”
“ Thanks. You’re a good guy, Rus.”
Cyrus smiled, thinking about that comment. He moved closer to her and took her hand. She was cold.
“ You’re warm.”
“ You’re hot… I mean! Freezing! You’re… freezing…”
Cyrus blushed, pulling his hand back abruptly. Kit giggled and the boat lurched forward, knocking Rus onto his knees.
“ Haha! Good going, Rus! We’re here!”
The students buzzed with excitement as they began unloading off of the boats. They began to file into the school, by twos and threes.
The hall was warm and comforting as Cyrus walked into the door. James and Sirius caught up with him as soon as everyone was in the door.
“ There you are! We thought we’d have to chase you out of the bushes with Blondie here!”
Kit scowled and snubbed the two newcomers. Cyrus blushed and glared.
“ Stop it… she didn’t do anything to you…”
James glanced at Sirius and they both grinned evil, toothy grins.
“ Rus has got a girlfriend, Rus has got a girlfriend!”
They chided in sync with their teasing. Kit glared and walked away.
“ Wait! Don’t leave! Oh, go bug someone who cares!”
Cyrus yelled at the two friends beside him.
“ Oh don’t fret, there’ll be hotter than her here tonight!”
James wolf-whistled at Sirius’ crude remark. Cyrus glared, then continued to stalk forward, dragging his soaking wet luggage in his wake.
The Great Hall was darker than he expected it to be. The ceilings were covered in storm clouds and lightning flashed across the faux sky. The Headmaster stood and announced the welcome back speech to the returning students. He announced the arrival of the first years and they shuffled clumsily into the Great Hall.
“ Step up to the Sorting Hat when your name is called.”
Nearly 20 names were called when the first of Cyrus’ friendship circle was called.
“ James Potter!”
James stepped forward to the sorting hat and sat on the wooden stool. The hat pondered for a moment, and then shouted.
“ Gryfindor!”
Cheers erupted from the Gryfindor table as James removed the hat and proceeded towards the shouting crowd of upperclassmen. Sirius grinned as the hat called him as well.
“ Gryfindor!”
James’ cheer was the loudest at the Gryfindor table. They all cried for joy as he approached the crowded table.
The hat proceeded to call Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew to Gryfindor as well as nearly 40 other students. It was down to ten students.
“ Cyrus Riddle!”
Cyrus gulped and looked around. He caught sight of Kit’s anxious eyes. She smiled and waved. He nodded and walked up to the stool and sat down. The hat was placed upon his head and he heard his traits.
“ Hmmm… brave, strong, but descended from Slytherin blood… courageous and capable of loving another despite strenuous circumstances… I see…”
Cyrus became nervous as the hat listed the bad qualities next.
“ Lust for power and desire to kill… even though the intention is good, death is a crime when intended…”
Cyrus gulped as the hat made it’s final decision.
“ Gryfindor!”
He sighed and smiled a huge smile. James and Sirius cheered for him beside Remus and Peter. He smiled at Kit in the crowd. She gave him two thumbs up. He returned the gesture and shuffled towards the red banner-covered table. He anxiously awaited Kit’s placement.
“ Kathryn Johnson!”
Kit looked at him as she walked up to the stool. She closed her eyes and took in the information. She bit her lip as the sorting hat made its decision.
“ Slytherin!”
Kit looked horror-struck. Tears welled up in her eyes as the Slytherins hooted and hollered for her to join them. She wouldn’t move off of the stool. She had to be escorted by a prefect to even move an inch. She wouldn’t even look at Cyrus. Why was she in Slytherin? What would happen now?


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