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Chapter 1 - Courage

Hinata sees some major changes in Naruto. To find out, she brings up the courage to stay with Naruto one one one. True feelings are revealed. Some Hentai, too...

Chapter 1 - Courage

Chapter 1 - Courage
Hinata sings a little song in my story. I thought it'd be a cute thing for her. I didn't really make any rhythm to it, so use imagination.
"The sun doesn't compare,
Oh to his golden hair...
The oceans and seas come no where near
The crystal blue that's so sincere...
So strong...
Even with a lonely start...
How I wish I could tell him...
What feelings for reside in my heart." Hinata sung her song while she walked along the path to Naruto's apartment, though she never dared to enter it. Her voice was light but so beautiful. Kiba often told her to sing to Naruto to impress him, but whenever she tried, she turned red and fell. Then ran off apologizing. 'I wonder if he would like my singing...' She sighed and continued to sing, coming up with more lines for her song for him. She didn't even notice she was right infront of his house and singing. And he was just walking out the door.
"Wow, Hinata! Your voice is beautiful!" Hinata jumped. 'He..He liked my singing!!!' She blushed harder, trying not to focus on the fact he was in his underwear.
"Thank you, Naruto..."
"Sure! Oh, um..." He covered himself with embarrasment.
"Sorry!" She giggled, then smiled. He blushed, then put on his pants finally.
"Want to come inside?" She flushed. 'Me? In naruto's house!? I must be dreaming!!!' She nodded slowly and entered.
Hinata wasn't really surprized at what she saw. It was kinda nice, really. And it felt comfortable. She looked around in total wonder to the place he was raised. Naruto went to the kitchen, getting some refreshments.
"M-may I take a seat, Na-Naruto?" He turned and nodded. She took a careful seat on the sofa. She breathed in, smelling something sweet. 'Cookies?' She turned to se him holding a big plate of them, and two tall glasses of milk. Naruto smiled widely.
"Got milk?" Hinata giggled, even at the corny joke. They sat and at, Naruto flinging cookies every once and a while to describe missions he was on. She constanly oooed and aaaahed, truly fascinated by his bravery. One she could never have.
"I'm so happy for you. You have so much fun, Naruto. I...," She looked down ashamed. "have no courage...not like yours..." Naruto looked down at her, kinda ashamed for making her feel bad. He looked at her, then brushed her hair.
"Hinata. I'm not all so good. I'm...some sort of demon..." She turned to him confused.
"I hold the nine-tailed fox that almost destroyed our village...I'm no one to be proud of..." Hinata felt something bubble up. So what? He's still the brave, friendly, geat person he is today! And Strong, too! Her heart started to pound, then she suddenly yelled out.
"NO, YOUR NOT A DEMON! YOUR STILL MY NARUTO! The great shinobi I know...the kind, gentle boy..who I love..." Naruto flushed. He stared down at her.
"Hi-Hinata?" She looked up at him.
"I do, Naruto! SO please, just notice me for once, and please...choose me..." She came to his face, kissing him passionatly. Tears came down naruto's yes as he hugged her tight. The room's mood changed.
"Naruto..." she finally said breaking the kiss.
"I've noticed you've been so unhappy...I don't want that. I just...want you to forget. Even if it is just a little while..." Naruto kissed her again, only now Hinata was feeling on his bare chest. He tipped over, laying over her. It became intense, as he rubbed her back. Hinata blushed, wanting to feel his touch again. He startd pulling his pants off. 'Am I...really about to be Naruto's?' She slowly took off her sweater, revealing a skin tight top. He layed her back down, pulling down her pants. She closed her eyes, waiting. He slipped off her underwear.
"Naruto..." He slowly took of his boxers. Time seemed to move slowly as he entered her. She moaned, a bit of pain. He blushed, asking if he hurt her. She shook her head, smiling. He smiled back, continuing.
~Three hours later~ (hahahaha)
Hinata woke up, feeling very refreshed and happy. When she tried to rise, she noticed Naruto's arms still embracing her. She blushed, but hugged back, feeling warmth. Naruto opened his eyes.
"Hello, Hinata." She looked at him, tears coming down her eyes.
" you think...I finally let go of my fears? That I my become strong?" He laughed.
"Your already strong Hinata. But yeah, you sure let go, alright!" He giggled, causing her to blush and jump him. They both laughed.
"Thank you, Hinata."
Hahaha...nah, a big hentai scene ain't fit this story.^^


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Flyheight_Knight on November 10, 2009, 12:11:47 AM

Flyheight_Knight on
Flyheight_Knightprtty good

zerotimberwolf on May 22, 2008, 12:32:34 PM

zerotimberwolf on
zerotimberwolfYeah your right a big hentai scene would kind of ruin it