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From a show called "Vampire Knight".
Zero is slowly becoming more depressed as Yuuki falls deeper in love with Kaname. What's a lonely vampire to do? The chairman has some new students coming around.
I always wanted to do this couple.
Naruto has been nothing more than a pest to Sakura. Her eyes are always on Sasuke. But when Sasuke breaks her heart and more, who Could Sakura turn to now?
Leave comments if you like.^^
Hinata sees some major changes in Naruto. To find out, she brings up the courage to stay with Naruto one one one. True feelings are revealed. Some Hentai, too...
Kira has finally got his wish. He is now the new ruler of the world. But other Death Notes are dropped to Earth. Who's with Kira? And who's against?
The weakest of the group, Sakura heads off to train. BUt after meeting up with some punks on the street, she comes home bleeding to a waiting Sasuke. What's up?
My first lil story. Took me a while....
Sasuke and Naruto go on a mission to find two rouge ninja, but when things come down to it, they can't complete their mission.