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Chapter 1 - Stuck together

This is a little bit into the firebenders master episode
it just came to my mind i hope you enjoy it :]

Chapter 1 - Stuck together

Chapter 1 - Stuck together
Just a little info about this short little story
when Aang talks its blue
and when Zuko talks its red :]
anyones thoughts are in italics
ok lets start this story!

~*So Quick to Love*~

"Zuko i want you to dance with me"
"What?!?," Zuko replied as his eye widened to the young airbender's remark.
"Just do it!," he replied pulling his arm towards him then running up to the dragon dance statues.
First Aang then Zuko started the dance of the dragon as they slowly followed the steps in a half circle then combining together fist to fist at the very end.

GGGRRRR, a strange noise grumbled from behind them as they both turned to see what it was. A golden egg shaped thing-a-ma-bob slowly shifted it's way up on a small pillar.

"An egg?!," Aang asked confused
What the F**k, i dance with aang equals egg out of floor?!? HUH?!? Can someone explain this?!

Aang rushed up to the egg with a greedy look in his eye he laughed as he picked up the weird egg shaped thing. Before, Zuko could yell for him to stop a gooy green substance had closed both of the benders at the top of the cave with only the their heads and arms above the substance.


" So Zuko...," Aang huffed, " Ya got anything you'r hidding from me that i need to know?," He asked kind of in a play-around voice while laughing
Zuko without even thinking answered " Well i sure think you looking extra sexy today" he laughed a little hopeing that Aang would see that he was just joking
Aang joined in on Zukos laughing " I think your looking a little sexy too," he replied still laughing.
Zuko wiggled his fingers a little so the wouldn't be so stiff from being stuck so long. Aang finally finished laughing, then stayed quiet.


" So you really think i look sexy today?" Zuko asked as he barely turned his head so Aang could see his smile. Aang cocked his eyebrow upwards and smiled at this remark then answered, " Why don't you tell me, " He then quickly shifted closer to Zuko and began to Open his mouth slightly and place his lips over Zuko's. As Their lips met, Aang pressed them gently over Zuko's mouth. Aang sucked slowly on Zuko's top lip, just for a second or two. He then finished it off by getting a little closer and pecking him on the cheek.

Hah! i bet i showed him whose boss :P

The Rest of the time before someone realized they where gone they just stayed quiet under the green gush with just their "sexy" thoughts about tomorrow night in mind


haha that kiss was a little lame xDD even if you don't ship Zukaang at least leave me a little comment on how i could get better at writing thanks for the support ADIOS! (GOODBYE)


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AvatarFanZukoFanTOO on December 23, 2008, 3:10:15 PM

AvatarFanZukoFanTOO on
AvatarFanZukoFanTOOOkay I'm not Zukaangian but you should just keep going instead of saying 15 minutes later or somethin, it gets boring

Ghostly on December 23, 2008, 3:27:54 PM

Ghostly on
Ghostlyhey thanks for the help xD
yeah i could see how that
could get boring but erm
how would i decribe them
sitting in silence for
hours/15 mins..

Lollielord on December 23, 2008, 3:36:48 PM

Lollielord on
LollielordYou could write "They sat in silence for a least 15 minutes"

Ghostly on December 23, 2008, 3:38:33 PM

Ghostly on
Ghostlyhaha xD ok ill remember that next time i write a story