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Chapter 0 - Yami no Rei - Ray of Darkness

The story takes place in the "Realm of Angels," where a boy with the powers of light resides. He`s in another story, and was called Reiku meaning; "Elegant Phrase." Quote: "A reflection on the past, presant, and future."

Chapter 0 - Yami no Rei - Ray of Darkness

Chapter 0 - Yami no Rei - Ray of Darkness
  The light fell through the windows, that were covered by the clouds on the outside. "Ahh.. What a beautiful morning this is..!" Kareshi replied to himself. (Note: if you don`t know what Kareshi means, it`s "boyfriend" in Japanese terms and I think it`s cute.) "!!" His girlfriend called, "Hey, there Kareshi! What`s up.. Other than you that is?*heh*"
  "Oh, n-nothing.. Silver Star," Kareshi answered, "It`s just that I.. am not, too sure.. that I.. feel, right.." Silver Star replied, "Feel right.. about what, Kareshi?" Kareshi, just shock his head and answered, "I don`t know..?"

  "This is the dream of reality.. and of fantasy illustractions..," A voice spoke. "@#$%!" A boy was calling out. "The dream of reality.. the illustrations of a fantasy," The voice spoke again.


[[color=]Full_Note:[/color] [color=]K[/color][color=]areshi[/color] is the boy from the 'Summary' named [color=]Reiku[/color]. [color=]Silver Star[/color] is [color=]Reiku[/color]`s girlfriend who`s name will remain secret for now, and the boy who used the words: "@#$%!" was [color=]Reiku[/color]`s friend and rival. His name is [color=]Rikki[/color]. The voice is only known as the "MYSTERIOUS VOICE." Plus Note: I`ll be adding in some Japanese names and the terms of what they mean in english, but I won`t promise you that they`ll be correct. [color=]Additional Note:[/color] I almost forgot to tell you, how to sound out the Japanese words&terms. [color=]A is ah[/color]. E is eh. I is ee. O is Oh.(duh) and U is oo.]


Cast of Characters
[color=]Before and Now
[/color][color=]Reiku[/color] - [color=]Kareshi no Hikari[/color]([color=]Boyfriend of Light[/color])
[color=]????????[/color] -
[color=]Silver Star
[/color][color=]Rikki[/color] -
[color=]Mysterious Voice[/color] - [color=]Voice[/color]


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InsaneMitsukai on November 2, 2007, 8:51:07 AM

InsaneMitsukai on
InsaneMitsukaiI wrote this note once before and I deleted it because of a few mistakes and a chapter difficulty (So, I hope this helps in some way:)

Cast of Characters
[Before and Now]
Reiku - Kareshi no Hikari(Boyfriend of Light)
???????? - Silver Star
Rikki - ??????????
Mysterious Voice - Voice 
Conclusion; The Next Chapter is:
Chapter I: Unmei no Ryuukihei - Dragoon of Fate
By the way, I got my Japanese info from: