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This is a story of two sides; (1. is a normal story NO CROSSOVERS and (2. is a full on crossover story. This by chance, is the crossover story.
A whole new adventure begins. This is the search for Mushra and on the way new allies from Enterra? Or from where?
A world of magic...
...Pain and hurt...
Where you have to beleive in yourself... become more than anything ever before...
..You have to look within yourself..
A world of anthropomorphic; creatures of both human and animal; some more than other. With a classic twist of an old tale of "Alice in Wonderland" and others.
A famous boy singer who writes` songs for the band called; ILY-kun (I Love Yoshi-kun), end up got missing.
The heroine has an agile, an electric chemist, an innate insight, and an ability in jitsu, but does she really have powers of her own to fight in a real battle? Her name remains a mystery.
Okay, this is the same story, but it's the milder version of the other and it's my first and last yaoi story. Note: This one isn't yaoi. The original title: You're No Way; A Genie Prince and v.2: Dezires: 2 Destines.
It's been a long time ago since the ending of FFIX and the wedding of Zidane Tribal, and Garnet Til Alexandros XVII. This is the story of their kids; 20 year old Kage Tribal and 16 year old Garnet Til Alexandros XVIII a.k.a. Taianna/Taian/Taya Tribal.
I make these song lyrics for you to give me the thumbs up or thumbs down on it being either good or bad. So, give me your relpy be nice about it, okay?!
The story takes place 2 years later. Jim Hawkins finds a letter from his friend, John Silver. It was time for another journey into the stars. Jim also meets a heart strung young lady named Hana Noboru. Inspired website:
As promised here is the story for my new pictures. There
will be a Manga version for this story. It`ll be coming
soon. - This is not the True Title - (Note: AD - U`ll see.)
Rating: A/13+ - Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, and Romance
The characters from KH return for their final on-core in this whole new story with many of its familiar worlds, and some new ones like; Arcadia, the Realm of Light, and many more... This journey began with one boy and this key. 
The story takes place in the "Realm of Angels," where a boy with the powers of light resides. He`s in another story, and was called Reiku meaning; "Elegant Phrase." Quote: "A reflection on the past, presant, and future."
There is a Legend that says; Who so ever finds the LAMP is only granted 1 wish.. but what if someone lied and you were ment to get 3 wishes instead of 1 wish? What if you didn`t have a choice in the matter? Would you even get 1 wish at all?
Wind, Water, Ice, Fire, Earth, Lighting, and Shadow.
I summon the forces of all of "Nature's Giving."

Wind: Breath, Touch, Flight/Glide
Water: Blance, Rain, Healing
Ice: Share, Boundless, Feeling
Fire: Flame, Heart, Soul
Earth: Suround, Earn, Give
Lighting: Strenth, Energy, Hast
Shadow: Hide, Sneak, Grasp
This story is for DivinePathos, the first person to post on my profile.

Not Much To Summ-up.

I've have seen the series, but I haven't watched it LATELY.
umm.. eh?
This is the Last part of the story in my version, I haven't seen it, yet. Soooooo th
This was once "NOT STORies/ SONGs**", but now it`s "Songs 1" and in this songs comparsion it has my favorite artisan`s songs.
Edward, lives alone in the mansion of his birth, of his creaction.
(Sorry, I don't remember much about this movie of
"Edward Scissorhands". So, I'll try my best and write this story.)
New Update! I just saw "Edward Scissorhands" a few days ago and I am
ready to write from what I got out of the storyline. No. 2 is ready to go!
It began Eighteen-years-ago when, Zidane got back in town and was "reuioned" with his beloved, Garnet.
Together, they got married and had my brother on the 2nd year and then I was born the 3rd year.
This is my story.. My dairy.. "Taia's Dairy" Call m