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Everyone has their views on life. Gerard and Mikey Way are no exception. Gerard has his opinion on how things work, and Mikey has his. Marilyn Manson, however, is extremely wise and thinks profoundly about all things. At the same time, the world keeps spinning beneath their feet and they have to run to keep up.
Mikey has something of Gerard's and is on the run from him; in the hotel stairway. While that chase is in persuit, Frankie is in the lobby awaiting fresh cookies, but will he ever get to taste them?
Is it hot in here, or is it just Gerard? Or is it just Mikey? Or... Maybe... Maybe it's just the sun!! (comedy thingy that's really weird, 1 chappy only)
Gerard struggles with drug addiction, and his caring brother, Mikey, tries his best to help him break it. (I know the summary sucks, but the story's better than it sounds; trust me.)