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Chapter 1 - Struggling Against the Temptation

Gerard struggles with drug addiction, and his caring brother, Mikey, tries his best to help him break it. (I know the summary sucks, but the story's better than it sounds; trust me.)

Chapter 1 - Struggling Against the Temptation

Chapter 1 - Struggling Against the Temptation

Gerard's Way

Chapter One: Struggling Against the Temptation

Mikey Way backed into the coffee table, attempting to escape from his older brother. His scrawny body trembled with fear, and so did his hazel eyes. If one were to gaze straight at his face, the angry face of his sibling would stare back at them from Mikey's glasses.

“Mikey!! Just tell me, where are they?!” Gerard, the bassist's brother, demanded.

“No!!” Mikey shouted, his voice shaky, yet firm, as if he were trying to hide his fear. “Brother, this needs to stop!!”

“MIKEY!!” Gerard roared, stepping closer to Mikey, making the younger sibling's body threaten to fall on the coffee table.

Tears formed in the corners of Mikey's eyes as he pulled his head back to avoid smelling the foul stench of alcohol in his Gerard's breath. The bassist knew that he couldn't tell the man where his `paradise pills,' his drugs, were. It would result in Gerard acting even more hostile than this. “I'm… I'm not going to tell!!” Mikey said, his voice getting stronger. He straightened up and glared at his brother's eyes with courage he didn't know he had.

Gerard's face mirrored his fury as he forcefully grabbed Mikey's collar and lifted his feet off the carpeted floor.

“Brother, please!” Mikey choked, trying to pull free.

“Mikey, it's my life!! I can spend it however I want to!! Plus, it'll help the band!!” Gerard screeched, his face centimeters from Mikey's.

The younger brother turned his head away, sickened by the stench of Gerard's breath. “Like that'll ever happen!! Did you forget about when at Warped you were so dysfunctional from being high, that your pants fell down in the middle of `I'm Not Okay' and you didn't even notice?” he spat in response to his brother's lies.

Gerard scowled at Mikey and lifted him up higher. With a great burst of speed, he toppled the coffee table over and sped forward, thrusting Mikey against the wall. “Don't you DARE disrespect me like that again!!” he yelled.

Mikey felt the back of his head bang against something hard and began to feel light-headed. With a moan, his body went limp and his vision faded. With what little feeling he had left, he felt his back slide down the wall and knew that Gerard had released him. He heard Ray Toro call out his name, and felt a pair of rough hands catch him before he hit the floor, Bob Bryar.

It's all Gerard's fault… Mikey thought weakly. Why the band is falling apart, it's all because of him…Why I'm in pain, he's the cause… No… It's the drugs… the pills, the alcohol…the poison.

A/n: Credit goes to user Meg White for coming up with the story line and basic plot. She just gave me something to go by, and I tidied it up with my “gore-full touch”.


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lycan-keyblade-master on October 29, 2006, 9:20:55 AM

lycan-keyblade-master on
lycan-keyblade-mastermeg white?
from the white stripes?
so disfunctional. so sad..but great story!

Gerardthedevil on October 26, 2006, 1:00:14 PM

Gerardthedevil on
GerardthedevilNice story. No great story. Good details. Though I don't think Gerard would hurt anyone like that even on drugs. Gerard seems more of a person who rocks back and forth on an invisable rocking chair when on drugs. But that's an awesome story gonna read the rest.