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Chapter 3 - Misfortune

Gerard struggles with drug addiction, and his caring brother, Mikey, tries his best to help him break it. (I know the summary sucks, but the story's better than it sounds; trust me.)

Chapter 3 - Misfortune

Chapter 3 - Misfortune

Gerard's Way

Chapter Three: Misfortune

I can't breathe…

I'm being crushed…

I'm going numb…

Mikey's thoughts whirled around in his mind. His chest was being beaten on by Gerard's fists as the rest of the band members tried to pull him off his brother. The bassist wasn't able to decipher much, due to the fact that he hadn't his inhaler and he wasn't able to take in any amount of oxygen. An enormous streak of pain rang throughout his head from what seemed like nowhere, and his mind went blank. No more thoughts of angst, guilt, anger or even feelings of care were in his head as his body seemed to shut down.

Gerard's Point of View

Ray pulled me off of Mikey and threw me to the hallway floor. I growled at him and all the others, but then my attention went to my brother's body, which wasn't heaving up and down with the movement of his lungs, and I was frightened that they weren't moving at all. His eyes were closed and I was afraid that if I looked under them that grey, cloudy orbs would stare back at me.

“Mikey, no…” I heard Frank whimper quietly, and I saw that he was running his fingers through his highlighted hair with a countenance filled with stress and worry.

I made a jump for Mikey, but Ray and Bob worked together to hold me back. “Mikey!!” I cried, my anger fading. Had I really hit him that hard? I always knew that he wasn't the strongest guy I'd ever met, but I didn't know he was that weak. I prayed silently that he would wake up for two reasons.

He's my fracking brother, and I'd be killed by his fans if he died.

If he never woke up, I'd never get my pills.

But who cared about either of those things now? I admit there had been times that I wished Mikey would just disappear and never come back, but this time was different. It's like you never realize how good you have things until things start to go downhill. Or it's like you never realize how much you cherish something until it's gone. Except Mikey wasn't an it. Mikey was a human being. And I just couldn't let him go like this.

“Damn it, let me go!!” I shrieked, struggling against the other two.

“Gerard, calm down!!” Ray shouted. “He'll be alright!! Just calm down!!”

Frank, after staring at Mikey's body for awhile, finally felt the need to do something. He dashed back into the room he and Gerard had been in last night and hurriedly picked up the telephone and dialed 911.

Ray's POV

I held onto Gerard tightly, afraid of what he might do if he got a hold of Mikey again. I couldn't believe how bad this had been so far, and I didn't think I could count all the things that had gone wrong. I really didn't want to count anyway, but the events all piled into my head.

Gerard being addicted to drugs. One.

Me getting my comb lost in my afro. Two.

Frank making things worse than they need to be. Three.

Gerard having massive mood swings. Four.

Bob slapping Frank silly for shaving off his beard. Five.

Gerard taking out his anger on Mikey. Six.

Last year's Warped Tour screwing up Gerard's being sober. Seven.

The cramped hotel. Eight.

Bert McCracken not being there for his good friend, Gerard. Nine.

Gerard. Ten.

I shrieked as I felt something smack me square in the nose, and let go of Gerard to clamp it shut to keep my blood from spewing into the hallway.

“Ray!!” Bob groaned loudly, cuing me to help him, which I couldn't.

I was beginning to feel like throwing up from the coppery taste of blood in my mouth and was stupid enough to try breathing through my nose, which obviously made things worse. I couldn't think of anything to do, and I felt my eyes burn with acid-like tears. Mikey was most likely dead, Gerard was practically going insane, Bob seemed to not be of much help, and Frank was Frank, so I wouldn't dare turn to him.

But out of all those things that seemed to be going wrong in my eyes, I couldn't even begin to imagine what it was like to be Gerard.

A/n: Ok, even though Meg White has laid out the outline and plot for this story, I admit I'm wandering away from that path. Sorry Lynn if this seems to become kind of my own story thing… You can yell at me on IM. And to all readers, I'll try to make the next chapter longer and I'll try to make it so you'll feel like crying.


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lycan-keyblade-master on October 29, 2006, 9:34:37 AM

lycan-keyblade-master on
lycan-keyblade-masterha..he got his comb stuck, hehe.
gerard needs to gointo therapy...for realz.