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Chapter 5 - Sweet Dreams

Gerard struggles with drug addiction, and his caring brother, Mikey, tries his best to help him break it. (I know the summary sucks, but the story's better than it sounds; trust me.)

Chapter 5 - Sweet Dreams

Chapter 5 - Sweet Dreams

A/n: There's some slight shonen-ai in this chappy, but I don't feel the need to make that a warning on the summary, because a simple kiss isn't that bad. But you have been warned, assuming that you read this author's note.

Gerard's Way

Chapter Five: Sweet Dreams

Gerard's countenance was blank for a moment, and then showed nothing but fury. He stood back up and his hands balled into fists. His head bowed for a moment, then it shot up like a gunshot had rung throughout the hallway, and the vocalist dashed for the main lobby of the hotel at the end of the passage.

“Gerard!!” Frank's plaintive cry called after the man. He stood limply in the threshold, unsure of what else to do but watch and be a witness for something he had no desire to see.

The paramedics shot instructions to each other and soon Mikey had been lifted onto the stretcher and was being rolled down the hallway towards the emergency exit. The one who had operated the defibrillator shouted back to the rest of My Chemical Romance, “We'll do everything we can!!”

Even though Ray, Bob, and Frank knew that those men were certified, trained professionals in the medical field, their reassurance didn't seem to do anything except make their brains decipher one more sentence in their lifetime.

Bert McCracken's Point Of View (Bert's the lead singer for the band The Used and is good friends with Gerard Way. They already knew each other by the last Warped Tour.)

I threw away my napkin at the ice cream shop, licking the remains of the vanilla treat off my fingertips. The rest of The Used was out panhandling by performing on the sidewalk, and I had been singing for awhile, but I had thrown-up on a little kid and they decided that I shouldn't scream anymore for the rest of the day. Quinn seemed sad to see me leave, though.

I shook my head to get the image out of my head of the vomit-covered child and exited the shop. The loud sound of an ambulance's sirens reached my ears and I looked around for the vehicle, my greasy hair not swishing from side-to-side, but making more of a flopping movement. It was coming from the parking lot from across the street, which belonged to the hotel hosting Warped Tour's performers this year. I saw a familiar figure stare somberly as the ambulance sped off, and I recognized him fully after a few seconds.

“Gerard!!” I cried, flailing my arms around and skipping across the crosswalk. “Gewwie!! Gewwie!!”

Gerard's head looked up and seemed to gain some color when he saw me dashing for him like a kid. “Hey, Bert.”

Gerard's Point Of View

I couldn't be happier to see Bert. I felt a smile tug at the corners of my mouth, as if what had happened in the hotel never happened at all. He was the lead screamer for The Used, and we've been great friends ever since we met each other about 1 ½ years ago, and he's influenced me a lot. Maybe a little too much.

“Gewwie, Gewwie!!” Bert squealed, throwing his arms around my shoulders and pulling me into an embrace.

I let him hug me, but I made no attempt to hug him back. I was incredibly tired and out of energy, it felt like my stomach was being scooped out, add that to stress, and you get one messed up Gerard Way.

“Gerardy?” Bert asked with a sweet tone in his voice. “You okay?”

I looked down at his caring countenance, and tried to remember how I ever let that man mold me into some drug-addicted monster.

Frankie's Point Of View

I slid down the wall and leaned against it, holding my head in my hands. “This is all fracked up… Nothing's supposed to go like this…” I groaned.

“You think complaining about it's gonna make things better?” Bob spat, his strong eyes firmly staring in mine.

“Bob, calm down, there's not much we could've done…” Ray said quietly, bowing his head.

Bob's mouth opened and closed multiple times as if he was going to reply, but for some reason, he never did. I never said anything, either.


Gerard and Bert sat on a brick wall in the city park, which was a couple blocks down from the hotel. Bert would occasionally poke Gerard's arm in attempt to cheer the man up, but that didn't seem to be working.

“Bert, stop it.” Gerard spat, fed up with the other man.

“But Gerard, you aren't talking!!” Bert whined, tucking a lock of his greasy black hair behind his ear and leaning over across Gerard's lap.

“Bert, please, I'm exhausted…” Gerard groaned, yawning afterwards.

Bert sat up and giggled, leaning forward and locking his lips with Gerard's. He could feel the other man struggle slightly, but he could tell that Gerard wouldn't be able to pull himself away.

Gerard's Point Of View

I felt Bert's lips try to pry open mine, but I wasn't able to feel it for long. My mind began to fade into darkness, and I could tell that I had fallen backwards off the wall, judging by the way that my head and neck were bent in awkward positions. I could hear Bert cry out my name (“Gewwie!!”) before all went black.

A/n: Ok, I know this is kind of short for me, but I really need to get new glasses because at the moment I'm having a really hard time reading anything on the computer. Also, I've currently got a horrible case of chicken pox, so that's making me lose concentration. And, as said in the first author's note, you were warned about the little kiss between Bert and Gerard, so please don't flame me about that or anything.

Comments about it: ok.

Criticism about it: ok.

Going “omFG!11!!@! thay r nOT ghey!!1!1” about it: not ok.


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