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Chapter 6 - Heart in a Blender

Gerard struggles with drug addiction, and his caring brother, Mikey, tries his best to help him break it. (I know the summary sucks, but the story's better than it sounds; trust me.)

Chapter 6 - Heart in a Blender

Chapter 6 - Heart in a Blender

Gerard's Way

Chapter Six: Heart in a Blender

Bert's Point Of View

I had laid Gerard down until he came to, and he seemed all right, so I offered to treat him to a drink at the bar. He didn't really answer, just kind of groaned, so I took it as a yes. And yeah, so here we are, sitting at a counter at some bar called “The Bar of All Bars”.

Gerard was sprawled over the counter, looking completely drunk, wasted, high, and everything in-between. I guess the drunken part was my fault… I had gotten him a whiskey in hopes of making him feel better, but now I think I understand why some people have called me “not the sharpest tool in the shed.” I know now not to thank them for saying that.

“Berrie,” Gerard moaned, rolling over and laying his head on my arm. “I… I dun' feel so goo…”

“Aw, Gewwie gonna throw up?” I said sympathetically, patting his head and taking another gulp from my beer.

“Uh… Huh…” Gerard mumbled, a sickening sound coming from him, like his stomach was coming up his throat.

“Oh, crap. Come on,” I sighed, picking Gerard up by his shoulders and helping him to the bathroom. As he leaned over the toilet and revealed what was in his stomach, I didn't know it, but I began singing `Helena'. It had been stuck in my head for days, and I'd randomly find myself humming it or singing it at the most awkward times.

Gerard wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and paused for a second, listening to me sing. He began to shake, and he lost his grip on the edge of the toilet seat and slipped onto the floor.

“Huh? Gewwie!” I cried, turning around and seeing the man whimpering on the floor. I kneeled down next to him and helped him at least get to his knees, but then he collapsed again into my chest. “Gee, Gee, you're a mess,” I sighed, hugging him and rubbing his back.

“B-Berr…” Gerard whimpered, clutching my shirt in his fists. It sounded like he was crying, and I'm pretty sure he was, because I could feel something wet on my chest (his tears).

I hugged him tighter and continued singing, “Things are better if I stay. So long, and goodnight, so long and goodnight…” it seemed to calm him down some, enough to where he could talk.

“No-Nothing's going right… I just wanna give up…” he said quietly, still trembling.

“Everything's okay, it's all right…” I said sweetly, kissing the top of Gerard's head.

He began to repeat himself, complaining about life and drugs, the usual “Hey, I'm gonna pour my heart out to you” drill. It when on for awhile; cuddling in the unsanitary bar bathroom, comforting the totally not sober Gerard Way.

A/n: Ok, yeah, so this is REALLY short for me. I'm not feeling 100% today, and I can't get my mind off this one person, who just the thought of can keep me from sleeping for a long time. Lynn, I think you know who she is… *cough* SWIN *cough* *ahem* I don't know when the next chappy's gonna be up. I'm gonna try to give High School Horror some attention. Comment, review, whatever… You know the drill.


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lycan-keyblade-master on October 29, 2006, 9:55:56 AM

lycan-keyblade-master on
lycan-keyblade-mastermmmmm poor gerard... he really needs to get sober...