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Crossover (kinda). I did this for fun. No Mary Sue intended. No romance will occur. I wanted to know how I'll react to meeting Willy Wonka in person.

So yeah. It's me in there along with another character of mine.
In love everything's fair. Even fatal desicions. Characters are from the SatAM Sonic verse. In between episodes.
"Future Robotnik" This was inspired by DCAarmus's description of the SatAM Robotnik in one of the scripts for his flash series "SatAM-Season0" The drawing is but a sketch.
When this came to my mind so did a little story...

Consider this a small f
This is a Dream-fanfic (The entire event was experienced in a dream with little alterations) and is completely around the SEGA character Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Eggman). It has only altered slightly to improve the reading experience. It's been a long time