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Chapter 1 - Untitled

This is when I drank to much one night and me friends were scared for me.

Chapter 1 - Untitled

Chapter 1 - Untitled
Amazingly, All In Oneday

The oneday Im pissed,
is the day everyone else is too.
It seems like whenever I'm pissed,
everybody else around me is too.
Especially you the one person I love,
who doesnt need anymore sad memories,
which will bring you down.
I hate seeing you like this,
Like this the way you are right now,sad,
and its no-one elses fault other than my own.
Im sorry for that,but dont do anything stupid,
like I would all because of me.
But after all of this just because of me.
But after all of this apoun our shoulders,
we still love eachother and I want you to just know,
that I really do love you.
I'll prove it to you, like this....
the only reason I come out of this pissed off moment,
is because of by you may ask.
Easyly by just remembering how much I need and love you.
Imean after all Im still here loving you,
Im not six feet under the ground, but no! no!.....
Im still here thinking of you,
remembering all the good times that we had.
Ya, you remember that oneday......
we had so much fun with that mixture,
you know that bad mixture and evil mixture,
you love oh-so much deep inside of you. *Laughing*.....
ya all those good know something,
I never really relised how much fun that id miss out on if we werent together,
so therefore I pray this relationship never ends and it lasts forever,
cause I love you oh-so much.


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