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this is a True fact on life, its interesting to read if u want to no about the world today.
What if there was No-fear left in the
Im the type of guy who can let something go very easily, But then i remebered how much i love her.
us together...When we are together.
How great the telephone really is.
Me and my sis made this one up together.
This is what I see every night...
This is what helps me to sleep at night..
This is to my only love my Gf...
Another poem
I was watching Shark Tales:The Movie.
Believe it or not,but also listening to Nobodies:The song by Marylin Manson.
This is greatest song from th greatest band alive today, i think anyways Papa Roach.
This is about me,and how I look at things in this kind of a position and remembering what it was like.
I was influeced by the Movie:Breakfast Club when I made this poem today, and the Song:Hurt.
Well theirs not much to say here it's about the title basically..Suicide
This is about a person who has lied about his whole life is now afraid to tell the truth, because it shall change everything.
This is about a book I read once in summer school about this girl Helen Sullivan.
This is to my gf that I love and letting her no that I can never forget her.
THis is about someone who has too much apoun his shoulders, and now he's feels like he's gonna die.
This is about a guy who still waitin for his dead wife to come back to him.
It's about the army,the soldiers saying that after this war we'll all be able to go home.
This is when i tryed to slit my wrist. i felt really bad for it.