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Chapter 1 - Candy

So, I've been doing a few song fics lately. You all know what those are, don't you? Taking the lyrics of a song and creating a story? Okay, good. So these are the ones I've written. Have fun.

Chapter 1 - Candy

Chapter 1 - Candy
Song Fic of Buck-Tick's Candy

In my miniature garden, candy is spread all over. In the evening, the sun’s last rays play in my garden, bringing the night bloomers to life and sending the day bloomers to sleep. Look at the moonflowers and the lilies as they trade roles; roses and absinthes, alstroemerias and anemones, apple blossoms and arbutuses, begonias and camellias, daffodils and daisies; all the flowers of the world and more. So many flowers and all of them…well, I smile and whisper to the sunset, “That’s you.”

I sit in this garden of flowers, letting the rays of the morning sun glide over me, washing the garden of the night bloomers. The day bloomers give out their scents as they open their blossoms, sending rich fragrances into the air.

Oh, my sweet Dimentichilo…where are you? My Italian blue flower, my forget-me-not. I await you here, in my candy garden, waiting only for you.

But, ah, there’s nothing, I’m by myself on this earth. Once you were forever in my sight, always beside me. Now, all I have is my miniature garden of candy.

“Lovers once insight on this earth, now gone forever…” I speak to the noon sun high in the sky.

I love you’re name; I’ve told you that. Dimentichilo Non, my forget-me-not. With you by my side, I don’t want anything, for everything is before my eyes.

But you are not here. I’m alone. I long for you, my love, I long to breathe in your special fragrance again.

I have no forget-me-nots in my garden anymore. They withered and died when you left. Loosing you was akin to loosing my limbs, my heart. Once, I touched you in your heart. Once, I held you in my arms. But no more. Now, what was once in your heart lives on in mine.

I want to go, to be guided toward god; maybe then we’ll be together again. Maybe then we can share a miniature garden of candy where you are. Maybe then we won’t be alone, never apart again.

I reach out to the sun, falling behind the mountains. “Well, we’ll break through, just the two of us.”

But I know better. I stand, brushing off those sweet fragrances, brushing off the earth of my garden. “I’ll come back tomorrow.”

As I lie awake in my bed, I know it would be wrong. I know a black demon understands love. I know that I can relieve all my frustrations. I know Dimentichilo would understand. But I cannot. I cannot betray my beautiful flower. And though my eyes can’t see everything that’s real, I will never betray my love, even though he is dead.

“Ah, there’s nothing, I’m by myself on this earth,” I whisper to the darkness, turning onto my side, bundling my arms beneath my head.

A hand runs through my hair, a hand that is not mine. “Yes, a deep red flower has bloomed on this earth.”

I’m sitting up immediately, panting in the darkness. There is no one there. No one but me.

My garden again. I’m standing in the middle, wanting to sit, but not wanting to disturb my jonquils or larkspurs, mimosas or mistletoe, myrtle or narcissus. An orange mock grows in the middle of the narcissus, deceiving the flowers of egotism. I smile. How ironic; the flower of egotism conned by the flower of deceit.

But then I see it. A flower I had not seen before, growing in the very center of my precious candy garden.

“Yes, a deep red flower has bloomed on this earth,” I murmur, slowly sitting before the flower. I touch it’s delicate leaves, breathe its new fragrance.

Then I lift my eyes to the rising sun. I want to see it, the place that god is smiling on; it can’t be this place. I want to see that place that is full of life, full of people. I want to see you and everyone I’m missing.

I stand. “Well, off to the other side.” I glance at my garden. “You don’t bloom forget-me-nots anymore…I don’t have a reason to stay.”

I gaze at the horizon, taking my first step. My eyes wander to my side, and I see you in the rays of the rising sun.

“Dimentichilio…” I smile. You smile. “I want to go with you, to be guided toward god.”

“Well, we’ll break through, just the two of us,” you say, reaching out you’re hand to me.

I take it, your voice echoing through my mind. “We’ll break through…we’ll break through…”

We’ll break through.

Author's Note: Get the symbolisim? No? Ask a question:D Please leave a comment^_^


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