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A bunch of songs I wrote to share with a little group I'm in. They're a fun, good vibes bunch, great friends.
Finally something new! I wrote a rock song. Tell me what you think.
Emotional song. Not quite sure what the genera is for this. It's certainly not rock sense it's meant to be kind of slow. anyway tell me what you think.
A little something I came up with. Genera is mettle.
I don't have enough space for the summary here so it's inside. Genera is rock. A little dark but not enough to warrant a warning.
just a song i made up.
genres rock. think Sick Puppies type of thing.
A song I wrote during a pretty rough patch of my past. Hope you enjoy. Comment&Rate
A song I wrote when I was dealing with getting rejected by a guy I really cared about
Do you like Musicals? Is Annie your favorite? Then enjoy this all new fanfiction story!
holy crap! It''s been so long sense I''ve posted something here, anyway this song is something I came up with after watching a show about the most famous heavy mettle stars. So needless to say this is basically an 80s mettle type of song.
Songs by me, L, that belong to me, L, and only me, L.

L is for LOVE (C) JustL
A quick number I wrote down for my boyfriend Chris. :3 I hope you like this as much as he did... and maybe if I get enough of a good feedback I may have to put it into music <3
Its just a pretty dark song I''ve been working on for awhile..its not done but I hope you like it ^-^
Just a few songs/poems that I write occasionally.
yay! another song. I found this while looking through my files. italics are sung. regular is kinda growled/ screamed.
gener: mettle, maby more rock like. Not sure ^^''
a song i wrote before i got my first real job.
gener: Rock.
another song.
gener: mettle
italics are for normal singing regular is for screaming and the one line in bold isn''''t sung, just said. I hope you enjoy it.
This is a song I came up with.
gener:heavy mettle.
Everything written in italics is sung normaly. Everything in regular is screamed.
A song I wrote.
gener: rock/mettle
probubly the most insane, screwed up, song i have ever written in my entier life. the gener is kinda rock or mettle. i can''t remember which. totaly randome and dosn''t make any sense. rated for content.
What happens when your hopped up on sugar and your going to the club? Find out in BoA's Energetic.
I fell in love with this song by Nightcore. It's "My Name is Rose" I recommend it for those on their way to a party and don't feel like sharing their name and giving fake numbers. ^^
The many songs I have made up
I have alot of them... Have fun looking at these...
Got paid to write it. So i wrote it. It's for an original music video my friends have to do for class. The end of the video is gonna be awesome x3