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So, I've been doing a few song fics lately. You all know what those are, don't you? Taking the lyrics of a song and creating a story? Okay, good. So these are the ones I've written. Have fun.
Okay, so, the other day I was thinking (scary, huh?). I have no way to share my short stories other than creating a story thing for each. why not just have one whole 'story' for short stories? so, here we are. Just Because.
Yes, I did it again. Just five seconds ago. *cries* I had 16 up...and i put one up twice...then tried to delete the duplicate...and i deleted the story...crap...
What to get killed by Sesshy? Or just piss him off? Here's a couple of ways^_^ Glad I could help out. Less humans to kill in the future.