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Chapter 2 - Nostalgia

So, I've been doing a few song fics lately. You all know what those are, don't you? Taking the lyrics of a song and creating a story? Okay, good. So these are the ones I've written. Have fun.

Chapter 2 - Nostalgia

Chapter 2 - Nostalgia
Song Fic of Buck-Tick's Dress

With the lights were low and the rain prattling upon the window, I sat on your bed, tired but still awake. “You look lovely,” I remember wanting to say, but you twirled in front of the mirror, laughing. I didn’t have the heart to interrupt that childish laughter. I smiled slightly and fell back upon your bed. I dozed off watching you in front of the mirror, your crimson fingertips glowing in the light.

Slowly, you turned and leaned over me, your dress braced against my knee. Your hand suddenly showed me my weaknesses, and your lips closed upon mine.

I smile as I remember, for on that day, we made a promise to each other. Now neither of us can remember it.

It’s a night like that one, the rain coming down, the lights low in the room. I listen to a boring song and stare out the window. You show me yourself dancing in the center of the ballroom, always the center of attention. I can’t help but follow your dress with my eyes. It’s the same dress as that night.

What are you aiming for? Don’t you already have what you want? Tell me.

I sigh. I can’t ask you; I never can.

As unpredictable as I am, just like my thoughts, one day I’ll probably be carried off by the wind.

I wonder what that promise was. “Now, neither of us can remember it,” my lips move to the words, but nothing comes from my throat.

Standing beside the ocean, I let the breeze drive through my hair. “Why am I not like the wind, like the clouds?” I ask, turning to you; you’re wearing the same dress, always the same dress. Why, my thoughts wonder, only heard by me.

You smile. “Because then you would leave me.”

You’re like a feather, too light to be held by gravity, so why are there no feathers that float up into the sky? But I guess then you would leave me as well, the feather that you are.

Laying beneath the stars, I feel myself drawn. You by my side, your head upon my chest, my arm around your waist. Peaceful; yes, that’s the word for this moment in time, a moment I never want to forget.

“Why am I not like the stars, like the moon, enveloped by everything?”

You smile. “Because then you wouldn’t be mine.”

Selfish as you are, still a feather. Why are there no feathers that sink down into the night if there are night birds up above? But I guess you came from above; you are the only feather I want to come from the night sky.

I don’t want to forget those days that overflowed with love, those day we always had together. But as I sit alone, I can’t seem to remember your face. One day, the wind will erase it, I know, just like it erased that promise we made. The one neither of us can remember now.

I remember asking you, on that night beneath the stars, “Why I am not like the wind, like the clouds?”

You seemed to mirror my thoughts that night. “Why are there no feathers that float up to the sky?”

I shrugged.

“Then that’s your answer.” You kissed me.

And I realize something, as I think about that day. This love we had and these wounds I bear are nostalgic; now they start to hurt with love.

Ah. Now I understand. ♦

Author's Note: Again, get the symbolism? No? Ask a question:D Please leave a comment^_^


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