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Chapter 8 - Past

This story is about Sasuke, and Shiori, my oc. So if anyone even reads this, honestly tell me what you think! Give me some feedback! If you don't like canon/oc pairings that's fine, but don't flame.
Criticism is WELCOME! I can take it! Trust me!

Chapter 8 - Past

Chapter 8 - Past
Between the lines was empty space, which Shiori filled with the letters traveling from her heart to her hand. A line, a stanza, and another. A poem was forming in this small room on this large desk by this 15-year-old girl. She normally wrote of things belonging to her imagination, creating her own worlds. Deeper inside her heart were other things, suddenly seeming much more real than the worlds she thought up.
With an out of place crunch, the paper was gripped desperately and thrown to the ground. The sight of Shiori's face may have startled even the most senile old man, flushed with the color of a rose; blood; love. The thoughts in her head made her forget what she was writing, though they weren’t all that different in their subject.
I should be doing something else, she thought.
Shiori ventured outside, and half-ran aimlessly until her head felt clear. Shiori then continued to amble through the field. On a hill, she spotted a familiar figure. He had grown a full foot since they had first met, she was sure. Shiori approached the young man on the hill. At his gaze, she immediately smiled. It felt natural, like a reflex. "Sasuke-san!"
"Say, what shall we talk about today?"
"You've already talked me to death. I'm sure you can think of something." He said, lying on the crest of the hill.
Shiori pretended to sound offended. "Well I'm sorry my talking irritates you so much! If you don't like it, why don't you do the talking?"
It didn't bother Sasuke really, he preferred that she carry on her own conversation, with him interjecting an "mhmm," and a, "huh," here and there. But Shiori was the insistent type, at least with him. "Like what?"
"Well, come to think about it, how much do I even know about you, Sasuke-san?"
"I know way too much about you." Sasuke said with a pained look, turning his back to her.
"Alright then! Tell me about yourself! I want every little detail, your siblings, your parents, childhood friends, everything!" She threw up her hands in frustration.
Sasuke remained silent. He wished he hadn’t made fun of her now. How would he get around this?
"But, since you're here...I guess It's not all that happy...huh?"
At that moment Sasuke was surprised at her tone. Her voice was so calm and mellow, so warm and nurturing. " How about this? I'll tell you my story. I really don't like to tell it, and it hurts thinking about it. But if I do, maybe it'll be easier for you."
Sasuke remained cautious and silent.
"Jihi-sama! You have to push! Someone get more hot water! You'll be alright, just keep pushing!"
Beads of sweat lined the face of a young woman, somewhere in her twenties. Her hair was white as the snow outside, and her skin similarly as pale, with a pinkish tint in her eyes. Jihi struggled to keep her heart beating. "Where, (huff-huff), Ryoku?"
"Don't talk now, I can see a head!"
"Aaaughhh!" An overwhelming strain was lifted from her as something large and warm left her body.
"Good, keep it up Jihi-sama. Just a little more."
"A girl!"
"Unnnnngh!" The pains increased greatly. Jihi focused all her energy into one place, and gave a final contraction. Suddenly her pain faded away.
"A boy, twins! Huri, take care of that." The midwife ordered her subordinate.
"There now, Jihi-sama, that wasn't so bad was it?" She said cheerfully as she placed wet gauze on her forehead.
"Yeah...” Jihi murmured between heavy breaths.
"What will you name them?" An elderly woman asked.
"Let me see them first! I already know what I want to name them anyways."
She waited very impatiently for Huri to snip the umbilical cords and clean the infant's bodies.
Jihi sighed wistfully as her two children were laid into her arms. The smaller one female, the other male, who was crying heartily. The girl coughed several times. Both babes had black hair; Twins.
"Shiori and Katsuni. I had twins..." A random fit of laughter burst from Jihi, The wife to the heir of the Nomura family. The girl engaged to a man who had no interest in her. Who hadn't bothered to see the birth of his own children.
"He heh ha ha ahahaha! Ha, eh he he..." A tear sprung from Jihi's eye as she looked down at her children. She let it flow down, over her cheeks and past her nose, being caught in the fold of her lips. She bit down on her snow-white lip, to stop herself. The blood darkened her lips, making her look almost beautiful, even in this state.
"At least I got to see you." She whispered, leaning over to kiss her babes with her last strength. their foreheads were left with the stain of her blood.
The last things she saw were her baby girl’s eyes. Light blue, different than the dark blue of her father’s.
The last sound Jihi heard was the flat line on the heart monitor.
"I never met my brother. My father had disappeared. So, I was taken in by my grandfather, but, I had some problems...there was an accident."
Blood spattered the walls, spraying anyone within reach with the red stain.
"Hoshu-sama!" a servant shouted as they ran forward to help their master. A lone girl, three years old cowered on her knees in the center of the room, covering her eyes with her arms, hands facing palm out. Spikes of glass stuck from them. On the opposite end of the room, an elderly man, some 60 years old, had one penetrating his right shoulder, and the other his left forearm.
"Huri, I'm sorry!" The little girl whimpered.
"Come on, Shiori-sama. I'll watch you for now."
"After my grandfather, Hoshu-sama was recovered, they held a meeting to decide what to do with me."
"We can't execute her! She's the heir of the Nomura family! The driving force behind our village! Our technology and secrets!"
“There are other candidates for heir. We have our people to think about!”
Many voices spurted forth, creating a cacophony of frustrating sound.
"Enough!" A short man, with a wrinkled face and eyes made of stone looked down at the higher ups of the Harukaa village, silencing all debates. "My granddaughter is a child, but a dangerous one nonetheless. I cannot in good conscience allow her to roam freely. Until the day comes when she is mature enough to be taught in the traditional way, and strong enough to control her emotions, all contact with her will be prohibited. That is my decision."
"Hoshu-sama..." A taller servant interjected.
"That is all, Huri. You are all dismissed."
"Shortly after, Huri came to get me."
"Come, Shiori-sama, they've reached to a decision. You need to come with me now."
"Why, Huri?" the tiny girl asked, with a lisp that enhanced the tone of confusion.
"You'll see soon." Huri noted the girls outstretched arms and took hold of them, supporting her weight with her shoulders.
"Who are they?" Shiori asked Huri as they walked down several flights of stairs with several menacing guards trailing behind. "Where are we going?"
"Huri never answered me."
Criticism. I need it.
Also, names.
Katsuni=win twice
The others you should already know if you've been following this story : )
*=beginning/end flashback


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