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Chapter 9 - Atattchment

This story is about Sasuke, and Shiori, my oc. So if anyone even reads this, honestly tell me what you think! Give me some feedback! If you don't like canon/oc pairings that's fine, but don't flame.
Criticism is WELCOME! I can take it! Trust me!

Chapter 9 - Atattchment

Chapter 9 - Atattchment
"For a long time I stayed in a cell, a few months, I think. Everyday a different person came and brought me food, but one day I was surprised to see Huri there."
"Shiori-sama, you have some visitors here." Huri announced.
A woman with a round face and dimples looked down on the girl sitting in the grit of the cell, just beyond the bars. Her brown eyes were of a hazel like tone. Shiori imagined their sweet warmth cradling her.
"Hello, Shiori-chan. My name is Kaede, Aisuru. This is my husband Taiyo," she gestured to a much taller man beside her, with purplish eyes and mauve hair. He remained silent. "Shiori-chan, how would you like to be out of this cell?"
The child could not even speak at the thought of it, she merely stood and stretched her arms through the bars, beginning to cry silently like a toddler, which she rightfully was.
"Use your words, girl." the man, Taiyo said to her in a tone that could only be described as unimpressed.
"Y-yes..." the child sobbed, tears staining her face and nose leaking.
"I'm so glad you accept Shiori-chan!" Aisuru was beaming, as if she had feared Shiori would turn her away. "Huri-san, would you please?" Huri stepped forward from her position against the back wall to unlock the door. All her face was absent of feeling. As soon as the door slid past her, Shiori ran towards Huri, the person who had cared for and sheltered her the very most in her short life. The reunion was pulled to a halt by Huri however, who redirected her to Aisuru.
As Shiori was ushered up from her prison, she thought she could hear faint whimpering coming from Huri’s back.
Shiori, Aisuru, and Taiyo walked home together that night, receiving many stares. That night Shiori cried Huri's name again and again in her new room.


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