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Chapter 10 - Names

This story is about Sasuke, and Shiori, my oc. So if anyone even reads this, honestly tell me what you think! Give me some feedback! If you don't like canon/oc pairings that's fine, but don't flame.
Criticism is WELCOME! I can take it! Trust me!

Chapter 10 - Names

Chapter 10 - Names
Two and a half months after Shiori had come to live in the Kaede household, Aisuru took Shiori to a secluded room at the center of the main house. A shoji divided this room from others. Taiyo waited for Aisuru to slide it shut before he began to speak.
"Shiori Nomura, as you well know, I am the current head of the Kaede clan. The Kaede have been the spine of this village since it's very first founding during the after the second of the great wars. The Kaede and Nomura have traditionally been allies, and without cooperation between the two Harukaa would not have been settled. The Kaede, serving as the leader of this village, worked with the Nomura to create infrastructure and prosperity. The Nomura serve as the center of our village's technology and secrets, including jutsu, chakra experimentation, archives, and bloodline. You were once the heir of the Nomura, but have been condemned in favor of other candidates. So we ask you, would you like to become the heir to the Kaede?"
He finished with the air of a king after delivering a war speech. His mannerism was not very suited to dealing with young children, however.
"It means you would officially live here, and be the new heir to our family." Aisuru cheerfully translated.
"Yes." Shiori said tentatively, hoping this was a reasonable answer. She wanted very much to be apart of this family. With only them to take care of her, a legal binding seemed fitting. But who else would be the heir of the Nomura, she wondered.
Aisuru seemed intent on finishing the convene quickly. "Then you only have to write your name here, Shiori."
Shiori inspected the paper Aisuru handed to her to sign.
"You can't write?" Taiyo asked, quickly recovering from his chagrin. "Well, that's to be expected. Show her, Aisuru."
Shiori waited patiently as Aisuru crossed the room to take the pen and place it in Shiori's hand, then taking Shiori's in her own. Making several strokes, she finished and ended with, "There, easy! Did you see what I did? I took this," She pointed to the pen, "and used it to make these lines. If you combine certain lines, they can become words. That's your name. Now, we must hire a tutor to teach you how to do it. Right, Taiyo?" Aisuru paused the shuffling of documents to look at her spouse, who seemed to be contemplating something.
Taiyo nodded in consent.
"Are you my okaasan?" Shiori questioned Aisuru as they left the room with Taiyo trailing behind.
"Yes Shiori, I am."
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