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Chapter 2 - Off to Evil Town!

I had the strangest urge to use the word "generic", while writing a story. its not really a story, its more like dialogue. Whatever. Read it, and you will regret wasting your time. o.o

Chapter 2 - Off to Evil Town!

Chapter 2 - Off to Evil Town!

The Adventures of Generic Hero Guy

Chapter two, off to Evil Town!

Our generic hero reaches Evil Town, a town filled with horrendous evil...Well, it doesn't seem too evil, its just…really…y'know…weird. Uh. Just shut up and read.

GHG: Gee White Horse With Spot On Behind, this town sure is evil…look at that plaid upholstering on that chair…

WHWSOB: Naaay.

GHG: You're right! I shouldn't be staring; I should be focusing on how to find the damsel in distress! …First, I should get directions. Excuse me patron of Evil Town, where might I find the Watch Tower?

Person: …?

GHG: …Of Evil?

Person: Walk straight, take a right at Torture Street, turn left and keep walking straight until you hit Horrible Disembowelment Avenue. Take another right, a left, and another right until you reach Fluffy Pink Rabbit Street. Keep walking and you'll see the Watch Tower…of Evil. …Jackass.

GHG: Your help is appreciated. Off to the Watch Tower of Evil White Horse With Spot On Behind! …Right after we have our evening meal! -Rides to nearby Generic Tavern and ties up WHWSOB to the horse tie up station thing- I shall be back shortly, once I have eaten my meal! -Walks into tavern- Excuse me, I'd like a table.

Waitress: While staying at the Generic Tavern in Evil Town, I'd like you to please remove all weaponry before taking a seat.

GHG: Okay…but I'll need my +2 Generic Sword back when I leave…

Waitress: Of course. Right this way. -Leads GHG to bar seat-

GHG: Barkeep, I would like a horribly gutted and roasted chicken with a side of mashed potatoes and peas, with a pint of ale, thank you.

Barkeep: No.

GHG: …All you Generic Tavern barkeeps are the same, you keep saying no to my orders…

Barkeep: Of course, this is a GENERIC Tavern. Like the rest of the GENERIC Taverns.

GHG: …Oh. Well. Can I still have my meal?

Barkeep: …No.

GHG: Awww…-Takes his +2 Generic Sword and leaves-

-Three seconds later, Generic Hero Guy walks back in wearing a fake moustache, is greeted by the waitress, and yaddi yaddi yadda.-

GHG: Hello Barkeep, I would like a horribly gutted and roasted chicken with a side of mashed potatoes and peas, with a pint of ale, thank you.

Barkeep: …Didn't I just see you three seconds ago?

GHG: No no, I'm not Generic Hero Guy, I'm Generic…Moustache…Guy.

Barkeep: …Get out of my tavern.

GHG: -Is kicked out- -Sigh- Why won't people let me eat?

-A man that looks exactly like GHG, but with a moustache, walks into the tavern. “Hey! Its Generic Moustache Guy! Dinner's on me!” is cheerful yelled by the barkeep-

GHG: …Well then…I guess I'll rescue the damsel on an empty stomach…Maybe she'll cook me a fine meal in gratitude after I rescue her! Come, White Horse With Spot On Behind! To the Watch Tower of Evil! -Unties WHWSOB from horse tie station thing and rides off to Watch Tower of Evil-


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1Hippiegal1 on February 18, 2006, 10:35:55 PM

1Hippiegal1 on
1Hippiegal1Ha! Ya know snake, it takes a REALLY creative person to come up with the name "White hores with spot on behind"... but I luv your storys! and your art!

animegirl_117 on November 20, 2005, 3:14:15 AM

animegirl_117 on
*dies laughing, but keeps laughing after she dies*

reezi on November 6, 2005, 7:55:59 AM

reezi on
reeziterribly awesome!!!*is laughing so hard she's dying*

rabitgrimreaper on September 22, 2005, 3:36:34 AM

rabitgrimreaper on
rabitgrimreaperHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!genaric moustache guy!!!!your a

TerraShallDie on September 10, 2005, 11:56:30 PM

TerraShallDie on