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Chapter 6 - Now In Bold. -Gasp-

I had the strangest urge to use the word "generic", while writing a story. its not really a story, its more like dialogue. Whatever. Read it, and you will regret wasting your time. o.o

Chapter 6 - Now In Bold. -Gasp-

Chapter 6 - Now In Bold. -Gasp-

The Adventures of Generic Hero Guy!

Chapter 6, Now In Bold. -Gasp-

Our hero, the rescued damsel in distress (known as Damselindis Tress), and White Horse With Spot On Behind are currently traveling to the village known as the Constantly Being Obliterated By Dragons village.

(Writer (Snake's) dialogue will appear in bold now. Whoo!)

GHG: -Singing- Riding through the enchanted forest, riding through the enchanted forest~

Damselindis: -Reading the horoscope section in the latest MedieVogue (Geddit!? Medieval!? Vogue!? HA HA HA!) magazine- “If you are a previously rescued damsel in distress riding through an enchanted forest, a new love shall be stirring between you and your savior.” … -Looks at Generic Hero Guy-

GHG: -Currently doing a crossword puzzle- Hey, White Horse With Spot On behind, whats a 3 letter word for a house pet that starts with C and ends with T?

WHWSOB: Naaaay.

GHG: …Heeeey, that starts with N and ends with Y! And there's no such thing as a nay!

Damselindis: ... -Shudders-

Several days pass by, and our heroes reach the Constantly Being Obliterated By Dragons Village.

GHG: Whew. What a ride. It was horrible of those enchanted trees to give us the wrong directions. I'll never go through that enchanted forest, ever again.

Damselindis: No, they didn't give us the wrong directions, they were about to give us the right directions before you had slain them all.

GHG: Well I'm sorry, I thought they were all about to gang up on you and fondle you!

Damselindis: They're rooted to the ground!

Mayor of CBOBDV: -Pops out of nowhere- Ahhh, you must be the hero we hired to prevent the next obliteration of our village! Even though we all know that our village will be obliterated once you leave!

GHG: Generic Hero Guy at your service! -Takes a bow- And these are my companions, White Horse With Spot On Behind and-

Damselindis: PRINCESS DAMSELINDIS TRESS. I demand that you lowly peasants take me to the most luxurious palace here and bring me a low-cal meal and a glass of purified mineral water! NOW!

Mayor: …My lady, this village is constantly obliterated by dragons. We can't even afford purified mineral water.

Damselindis: …Then what do you have?

Mayor: Bread, potatoes, and well water.


GHG: Oooh, food.

Mayor: You may eat once you finish fending off those dragons that keep obliterating our village.

GHG: …For the love of innocent kittens, why won't you let me eat!?


GHG: …Ooooh, good answer. Then we shall find an inn and we will prepare for tomorrow's dragons-fending-off-of-village adventure!


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IQQT on July 28, 2006, 2:16:47 AM

IQQTtired of laughing
That (sob) is the most (sob) hilarious story (sob) ever!
Oh come on! I'm crying not laughing and I still die?!!
Anyway, I love your story!

sammehjay on May 28, 2006, 10:10:22 AM

sammehjay on
sammehjayomg this is too funny

reezi on March 22, 2006, 3:55:40 AM

reezi on
reezii can't wait to read more!! this is a great stroy!!^^

NicNic on March 11, 2006, 4:49:32 AM

NicNic on
NicNic=3 WOOHOO! Generic hero guy is on a roll now... lol ^_____^ write more this is getting good lol

1Hippiegal1 on March 8, 2006, 9:27:10 AM

1Hippiegal1 on
1Hippiegal1Nice snake, GHG is pretty much starving... isn't he? well, "For the love of innocent kittens!" plz write more :)