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Chapter 1 - With Dragon's Honour

A poem about friendship of a dragon and a girl.

Chapter 1 - With Dragon's Honour

Chapter 1 - With Dragon's Honour
I was afraid
so afraid
that I'd lose my mind
and go insane

I was trapped
to a cage way too small
for my soul
so wild, wanting to wander

My wings were chained
to my back and sides
with barbed wire
so I couldn't spread them
and fly away
from my pain

My jaws were tied together
so I couldn't scream my rage out
neither bite my torturers back
I sure wanted to

And my claws were cut
so they wouldn't hurt
when I slashed

Then, one very dark night
when I was
in the deepest kind of pain
I saw a little light
and it was you
at the very bottom
and right besides me

You were hurt
but you released my jaws
even though
I would have bitten you

But I didn't bite
I thanked you
and healed your wounds
as well as I could
and you healed mine

I took you on my back
and carried you upper
but we didn't get out
since there was a cliff
a very steep cliff
which I couldn't climb
I was ready to give up
but you didn't

You took a grip of my wings
and started releasing them
you got wounds from the barbed wire
but you didn't stop
it took very long
but you got me free
and at the same time
yourself very deep to my heart

I spread my wings
and we flied out
but we didn't make it to the hills

Out torturers shoot us down
I hit the ground
and you got hurt again

I could have revenged that
thanks to you
I could have bit them
or scorch them down
but I didn't

They don't matter to me
but you do, heck much
you released my wings
now I've taken you under them
you released me
now I'll stand by you
protecting you, my friend
for forever.


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