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Chapter 1 - What Evil Dudes Really Want to Do

So yeah, I was having a weird IM convo with CoffeeLad and I was telling her about something that had to do with an evil guy. Then this happened XD No flaming but please comment =D

Chapter 1 - What Evil Dudes Really Want to Do

Chapter 1 - What Evil Dudes Really Want to Do
Wolfeh (8:30:26 PM): Yeah and this evil dude’s goal is to rule the earth
CoffeeLad (8:43:25 PM): no Wolfeh all evil dudes want to take over icecream stands
Wolfeh (8:43:26 PM): yes
Wolfeh (8:43:30 PM): exactly
Wolfeh (8:43:50 PM): -evil dude walks up to icecream stand- I WANT TO TAKE OVER THIS STAND! MUAHAHHAHAA
CoffeeLad (8:44:13 PM): Neevvvuuurr
CoffeeLad (8:44:28 PM): -throws icecream in icecream scooper at you-
Wolfeh (8:44:26 PM): Ice cream man: Just buy some icecream dude
Evil dude: Ok
Wolfeh (8:44:33 PM): XD
CoffeeLad (8:44:44 PM): Evil Dude: Chocolate please
CoffeeLad (8:44:54 PM): lol
Wolfeh (8:45:12 PM): Ice cream man: We only have vanilla
Evil dude: YOU'RE EVILLER THAN ME!!!!!
CoffeeLad (8:45:22 PM): lmbo
Wolfeh (8:45:22 PM): yea lol
CoffeeLad (8:45:37 PM): Icecream man: Just buy it and get out
Wolfeh (8:45:41 PM): Evil dude: Fine
CoffeeLad (8:45:48 PM): your holding up the line
CoffeeLad (8:46:05 PM): Little kid: MOVE I WANT MY PASTACIO ICECREAM
Wolfeh (8:46:21 PM): Evil dude: Im outta here
Wolfeh (8:46:36 PM): Evil dude: RETREAATTT
CoffeeLad (8:46:50 PM): to the next Icecream stand
Wolfeh (8:46:54 PM): DX AHHHGGG


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rosenheim on December 21, 2007, 5:10:13 PM

rosenheim on
rosenheimrosenheim: excuse me, i want to buy a vanilla flavored ice cream?