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More random sayings from my friends and I XDD
Well, not much more I can say! It's Sly Cooper Mad Libs XD
So yeah, I was having a weird IM convo with CoffeeLad and I was telling her about something that had to do with an evil guy. Then this happened XD No flaming but please comment =D
This is just a bunch of quotes of things that normal people wouldn't say XD Yeah, I have weird friends. No flaming but feel free to comment =D Oh, and by the way, most of this stuff makes sense if I explained the situation XD
This is what happens when CoffeeLad and I go crazy XD Dont flame this I know we are crazy XD Once again, these are not our real screennames!
This is a poem I wrote for school. It's a metaphor poem about a theif (GEE I BET YOU CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHERE I GOT THE INSPIRATION FOR THAT XD). I came up with this whole thing in about 10 minutes.
This is something my friends and I made I beleive two years ago or so...=)