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Chapter 1 - Pills

My studies in the ways of the street. Many different drugs, which one to use?

Chapter 1 - Pills

Chapter 1 - Pills
Pills are fun
we keep on popping
Pills are fun
we never thought of stopping!

Just pop them in
like 1 2 3
easy as that!
Don't you see?

Lets get high
and dance to a toxic beat
lets just fly
we taste so sweet.

we keep on popping
never stopping
something else goes pop

a sexual overdrive
of wired fantasy
cords attatched
wires surging

colors brightly flash
anywhere we wander
a trippy sway to our step
some bottles in our hands

bottles of sleep pills
pain killers galore
like a child in a candy shop
we always need more

and then we run out
the pain and the thrashing
we need more
before we go

slip into death
by intoxicated state
wonders into dreams
into comas with needles

stuck up our arms
and pushing in everything
that pills alone
just could not bring

so we all lay here
in gurneys of pink and red
slipping into a rythmic beat
slipping into death


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