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My studies in the ways of the street. Many different drugs, which one to use?
another poem
Another one of my sad poems.
.........a poem I wrote
............something to let out the feelings of me and my friends.
An Akatsuki leader/ zetsu fanfic.

Don't like yaoi, don't read.
A simple poem about sasuke and his feelings on the merculic onslaught of his clan.
A random parody w/t naruto charies and my oc mauri!!!
A poem for my oc mauri.
CONGRADULATIONS! YOu now own your own sabuku no gaara ! Please note that him killing others is none of our consern
I wanted to support anko! YAY ANKO!
Stupid but funny! FEAR TEH KIBA NESS!
The sad life of gaara...
This is for tyler who left us a while ago for the great beyond.
A story about when a new intern comes around from teh sand village. Will gaara fall for her or will he ignore her completly. Tiny naruto+OC Gaara+OC