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A story about a strange boy and his world. Original fiction.
After being in a coma-like state for an hour the questions have been answered, but more arise.
Kind of an end to my earlier one-shot Poisoned
Autmn leaves and pumpkins but mostly apple cider.
Faced with questions and a demon who's willing to stoop low enough to poison her just to keep herself and her big brother safe, the woman fights sleep to maul over everything.
Kyriean struggles to get her story published; does she have it this time with true facts about herself?
He rides into the dream
It Is the wont of a greater dream.
Ron Koppelberger
App 232 Words
A story about a girl called Anahera. After a night on the town Anahera is to drunk to drive home and is driven home by a polite man by the name of Braeden. She invites him inside for a drink. Never invite vampires into your house, will they ever leave?
When there''s nothing in life worth living for, where do you turn? For Jun, it is a simple matter of turning on his Famicom and escaping to another life. Sooner or later, though, his past will catch up to him. [Original story inspired by Yume Nikki.]
...emotional i guess
This is about a killer.
its not quite done. im going to keep adding to it.
But, its dark for sure.
As I float down the river, I think of how life begins and how it ends...
it's about what my friend did...
One Long Chapter.

About two girl's sad death, by suicide. All over a boy who wasn't worth a peanut.

Very emotional.
I really like how this came out! I tried to think of a lot of different ways to view blood, and I think it worked.
Random feelings. Kinda hopelessness. Etc...
just a scary story me and my friend made
I was feeling really down when i wrote this. I was being given a hard time lately and people started treating me different. Oh well, enjoy.
Lets play a game. Take a guess at what I am after you've read all the clues. It's a guessing game that requires a lot of thought.