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another poem pointed to my parents stupidity
I wrote this simple thing after having a deep discussion with my sis about our parents.
this is a POS poem i wrote at 2:05 in the morning. just about someones suffering
a poem i made for one of my OC's that was born with unimaginable power, but was kept "asleep" in a lab for 17 years, and now he has finally awoken.
me and my friends made up this list while IM'ing... we have weird conversations... anyways. feel free to add anything via comments. ^-^
another poem i wrote when the same person at school pissed me off. oh well at lease it gives me something to do during my free time, this ones is like six times longer than the last.
a small poem i wrote when someone really made me pissed.
My original story about a group of kids and a unusal school. one of my old stories that i found that i'm slowly adding things on to. the violence and launge is very sparce.