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Chapter 1 - BANG-Dirty Looks Frerard

5 Short Stories Im working on...Most of them Frerard:3

[edit]The stupid site messed up the titel.Its suupsoe to be 5 SHOTS..not SHOTS...cheezes chirts.......

Chapter 1 - BANG-Dirty Looks Frerard

Chapter 1 - BANG-Dirty Looks Frerard
YES!Gerard screamd in manly imatation,as he won the croquet game."Thats Not Fair,Sugar.You always win."Fankie pouted.
"Thats casue im sexy like that,hun."Gerard flipd his hair and smirked,taking Frankie in his arms."FAGS!"A football player Shouted from the feild.
"STARIGHTY MC STRAIGHTER!"Frankie shouted back,fliping him off."Niiccceee."Gerard laughed.
"He started it."Frankie said Pressing his face to Gerards."Well he was right."Gerard eskamo kissd him.
"Well so was i!"Frakie protested,pulling out of Gerards embrace."Hey,im all....."Gerard spaced out."horny?Frankie-less,erectial disfunction-full?"
"No!Gerard laughed.
"Well yes to the Frankie-lss."He gave puppy eyes.
"Awwhies,Im sorry Gee-bear."Frankie said inncently Pecking Gerard on the lips."Ya know..?"Gerard said into the kiss.
"What?"Frankie asked."I want food.Gerard said."Awwh Piggy,you just ate."frankie cood."ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT!?"Gerard shouted offended.
"No i called you a piggy.Piggys are pink and so Cute and make me go AWWHHH PIGGY!Pig are fat.ot piggys though..."Frankierambeld as Gerard took his hand and ledhim into the school.

"I thought you said you were hungry...?"frankie blinked as gerard stope infront of the janitors closte."I am."Gerard smirked,opening the door."What are you going to eat freakin dirty mop water!?"Frankie shrieked.
"I never said i was hungry for food."Gerard said.
"Yes you said Quote I want food UnQuote.."Frankie said.Gerard raised his eyebrow"Damn your right.""Well anyway.Im hungry for you.Not food."Gerard said pulling Frankie by the shirt into the closted."God your such a dork."Frankie laughed.
"Awh but im your dork."Gerard cooed,Kissing Frankie."Hee were cheesey."Frankie giggled."YEs we are."Gerard Laughed trailing his hands down Frankie stomach."
"Oh just get on with it."Frankie said demnadingly,putting his hands on Gerard soulder."Well if your ganna be like that..maybe i lost my apetite."Gerard pouted.
"Damn...I mean RRDY PLEASE!!!PLEASE JUST BLOW ME!!"Frankie said childishly
"oh and you call me dorky?"Gerard licked his lips,pushing Frankie on thewall.Unbottoning His jeans and letting them drop to his ankels."well you are."Frankie moaned and Gerard rubed him through his boxers.Pulling down the red boxers Gerard smirked Taking the bulge in his mouth,casuing Frankie to tilt his head back and moan loudly."Awhh my littel whore."Gerard grinned suckingon Frankies hardon."Shut up Frankie Grunted Tangelig his fingers in Gerards long black hair.
"OH MAH GAWD!WHAY HAS THE LORD FORESAKEND ME SO!!!!????"someone shuted oeping thelcosted door.
"opps....forgot to lock it..."Gerard said dumbfounded


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XxAnarKissedxX on August 26, 2007, 1:29:33 AM

XxAnarKissedxX on
XxAnarKissedxXStraighty McStraighter?
Umm.... people have called me and my girl dykes,
but I never reply "STRAIGHT MCSTRAIGHTER!!!"
So hott and cute!!
See that up there?
It's love!!!

lycan-keyblade-master on June 25, 2007, 1:18:19 PM

lycan-keyblade-master on
lycan-keyblade-masterhahaha so hot and funny!