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ageshero on May 26, 2008, 12:09:49 PM

ageshero on
agesherohello >_>

ageshero on April 4, 2008, 7:31:28 AM

ageshero on
agesherolmao, your kinda busy for your age -twitch- right? i wish i had your life ._.

using your talents and all.... course i like my life well enough, it just.... im waiting for my talents to really get used, so i don't feel like a bum

ageshero on April 2, 2008, 8:47:32 PM

ageshero on
agesherohm.....1......2......3 4????!!!!? months now ? HOW LONG WOMAN -shakes you-!

WAYS MAH REQUEST FOO lol. its ok, but honestly im still really excited about them so do what you wana do

BBandRaven4life12 on March 1, 2008, 1:59:10 PM

BBandRaven4life12 on
BBandRaven4life12Patzie...I'm sooo srry i haven't talked to you! plz,plz,plz, call me!i'll send u the #.

ageshero on January 23, 2008, 5:34:08 PM

ageshero on
agesheroo_o good luck.... and dont have any night mare, those last 2 ones are the only nightmares i could remeber. and i thought about them alot. i was like, where the hell did that come from.

maruhnla wasnt really all that scary, it was like a thrilling really good (not really horor) but a good mystery movie, and....really i think its the longest dream i ever had.

the other one on the other hand, was frightening seeing as ive done things im not proud of, but jesus lifted me up and through all my pain and suffering, and guilt, and anything else bad you could think of, and im supernaturally healed, because there was really no other way out of my fear.

ageshero on January 23, 2008, 5:30:35 PM

ageshero on
agesherookay draw the following, and the most important thing in this is shading, lighting, and moisture.

there are 2 dreams i only want one but id love it if you draw both

this is my dream.

1st dream. (i named it) Maruhnla (i dont know what it means all i know is that the creature is called that, and seriously the dream came out like a well made movie)
the scene i want you to draw is:

a tilted camera picture looking down a train car. its a new yorkish subway, lights are blinking or off on the roof of the car, and what happend is theres a japanese girl in the back seat un harmed hugging a big red book. the train car is litteraly filled up ankle high with blood, there are bodies everywhere, hanging over seats and such, blood is dripping of the seats amd hand rails.

the girl's hair is in her face. and the death was caused by a creature (for no reason) called the maruhnla

its, i swear one of the scariest and mysterious dreams, not as much as the next one, but still, its a red japanese floating head demon thing with tusks, i have no clue exactly what happend but it was scarry

oh and it like....uhm... melted everyones eyeballs. and the dudes in the lab did an otopsy and there brains were missing. and drained completely of all their blood.

DREAM 2: this one is totally f-ed up-

its a damp sunlit sewer, there's small amounts of green looking neon glowing mold. its very wet everywhere, its a disfigured circular room and in the middle is a metal and concrete slab table, and a bit latter ill tell you wtf is on it, in the right corner there's a tunnel that leads up and light shines through, its the entrance.

and from where the view is if the tunnel is on the righ corner, if you would turn behind there's like a gated way to the sewer or something. but there's lots of light shining in its very very damp on the walls, there's like moss and stuff hanging down and the color of the stone is like...tanish. the walls are not clean looking though there like.. and crumbly and eroded.

ok now that you understand the back ground ill tell you the really f-ed up parts

theres 2 characters. a girl and a boy, there like 16 or 17 around there, they crawl through the entrance of the swere to find a strange human skin looking blob

(if youve ever played halo you know what it looks like) it looks like the flood from halo, the poofy one with the exploding head and the thingies inside it.

look on google youll find it. any way its a little cleaner than that thing but it has nubby feet with like random claws on it. and it had no face at all. but a pare of teeth in its chest aread, REALLY NASTY 5 or 6 teeth on each jaw thing, >_> and theres like stringy drool in its mouth, but the mouth is extended out of its body like a few inches, so its like clacking its teeth, (it can talk by the way, and its like phsycic and it like brings your worst nightmare to life as well and bring things up you dont want to see and things you wish you never did or are doing.

pffff. and the last detail is its human hands with claws on it,

id love to see both of these, so please draw them. ^_^ >_> scary ehy, tell me what you think of my dreams to when your done readin

black_ice_n_pyro on January 12, 2008, 2:46:46 AM

black_ice_n_pyro on
black_ice_n_pyro"If you could, would you please please please please please draw Ellie and Ashley for me?
You know, when they were both goth/punk/emo or whatever.
If you could, I would love you forever, and even though I'm a pretty suckish artist, I'll draw you something, too."

Ah, okay! 83. I got some pretty good ideas for it!

And sorry for the long response XD [interenet was hogged by dad.]

black_ice_n_pyro on December 31, 2007, 3:17:36 AM

black_ice_n_pyro on
black_ice_n_pyro"OMG ALEX AND PAIGE!!!
I fracking <3 this sooo much!
Do you take requests?"

Ahah, yes! I do :D!

Gothic_Bitch_From_Hell on December 11, 2007, 6:27:06 AM

Gothic_Bitch_From_Hell on
Gothic_Bitch_From_HellHI i like ur pictures they bez awesomez!

SkyllaLogaras on November 24, 2007, 1:38:39 PM

SkyllaLogaras on
SkyllaLogarasOmg sorry I took so long to reply to your last comment... I haven't been on here in FOREVER!

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