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Chapter 2 - Craziness and Christmas

A sneek peek in Kagome's new diary.

Chapter 2 - Craziness and Christmas

Chapter 2 - Craziness and Christmas
disclaimer: I don't own Inu-Yasha
OOC WARNING (ok, that warning will be for the whole story, ok?)

Chapter 2: Craziness and Christmas

Nov.20/06, Monday

Dear diary,


Well, today, Sango mentioned that she had a really freaky dream. It had Miroku and I in it. Miroku asked me to bear his children, I said yes, and- -shivers-.

Ok, to get let us all forget those horrible thoughts, and go to something else. It's almost Christmas, yay!!!! :) I am so into Christmas this year. My whole room is decorated. But, Inu-Yasha is such a scrooge! He was all mad when I decorated our room with all this Christmas stuff. I even have a little tree in our room, decorated with Spongebob ordaments. Shippo loves it alot. The little guy also loves the santa hat I gave him. I also gave Inu-Yasha a santa hat, while I have some reindeer anlters (they're green and red).

So, anyway, I recently had a sleepover with Sango. The guys (Inu-Yasha and Miroku) have this really freaky game. After they played it a few times, Sango and I have became very, very alert. We were pretty shocked when Inu-Yasha did all those things to me with Sango looking. It was totally embarressing; to embaressing to even write.

Over the years, we started to create stuff. Mostly Inu-Yasha and Miroku create stuff. Here's a list of what there is:

Sleeping needle/powder- That's easy; makes you fall asleep!

Love Arrows- I made these in a attempt to make Sango fall in love with Miroku again... Anyway, shoot it in someone's butt and they fall in love with the first person they see.

Love Sword- Created by Inu-Yasha (surprisingly). You stab it in someone's heart, and they fall in love with that person. You have to kiss that person to make it complete, 15 minute expleration date thingy.

Invisibility Rings- You put them on, you turn invisible (made by Miroku)

The glasses- They're like x-ray glasses. Except you can see through anything (also made by Miroku)

The rings- Made by Inu-Yasha. Girls put on the rings, guys have the remote controls (so the guys can make the girls do whatever they want)

The ladder(of doom)- You climb up it, and come falling down on the person you love (located on my bed-unfortunatley)

And, since it's almost Christmas, guess what? The guys' most fav thing is coming. Mistletoe. Which made them come up with a few more inventions...

Mistletoe bubbles: These are little (sometimes big) mistletoe that comes crashing down on people. When you get hit by one, you have to kiss your lover right away. The bigger they are, the bigger the thing you have to do is.

Mistletoe dust: When you poke those mistletoe bubbles, they explode into silver dust! When the dust lands on you, you have to kiss your lover four times (when you look at them). 1st time; normal kiss, 2nd time; longer kiss, 3rd time; french kiss, 4th time; long french kiss.

Mistletoe(couldn't think of a better name): When this mistletoe gets thrown at you, it stays above you and the person your standing beside until you kiss. (made by Inu-Yasha)

Wow, that's alot, eh?

Well, it's almost time for me to go to bed. About 5 minutes. ...Uh oh. I hear Inu-Yasha calling from upstairs. He better not try to do anything, I'm pretty tired.

So, I must be going now. I'll try to write in you tomorrow if I can.

Thanks for listening!

Kagome. H.


WHEEE! Sorry I haven't updated for a week! I kept trying to today, but my family kept making me get of the computer. -sighz- Well, please PLEASE don't flame me, or be all like "OH MY GOD, Inuyasha isn't like that! my god!"
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AmmyK on January 3, 2007, 7:48:01 PM

AmmyK on
AmmyKi loved it! please write more?

Yukacookiecopada on November 21, 2006, 4:22:48 AM

Yukacookiecopada on
Yukacookiecopadayou say it by yourself! OOC WARNING
Inu-Yasha is not like that...
But that was pretty funny!