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Once upon a time, there was a dog hanyou and not yet miko who met by a chance of fate.
Kagome's last thoughts before she dies.

WARNING: VERY DEPRESSING STORY (ecspecially for Kagome fans)
Kagome gets turned into a cat, and is banished from her city! She meets Inu-Yasha and his friends who were also fated to being a cat. How will she tend to her new life? (better summary inside) KagInu SanMir
A guidebook for people who are new to Inu-Yasha! (better summary inside)
summary inside.
*need a title! suggestions please!
A sneek peek in Kagome's new diary.
If you're a fan of Inu-Yasha and Shel Silverstein...this is the right set of drabbles for you.
In this small little drabble Naraku, the number one bully in town, gets a taste of his own medicine from the Inu gang(also including Sesshomaru, Ayame and Koga).
100 little drabbles that happen in the Inu and co's life...
Some will leave you crying, some will leave you laughing, some will make you go "aww", and some will make the idea of killing me pleaseurable.
please comment
it's about a guy I love.... :3

please read
Simple little reasons why Inu-Yasha will probaly never tell Kagome his love for her.

rated for language, and puberty talk.
(so, like, no one under the age of 9 should read this)

kind of Inu/Kag

Please read
-one shot- They can't see or hear her..why? What terrible thing had happened? Why can she see Izayoi, the mother of Inu-Yasha is supposed to be dead! All of this questions were replied in one simple answer
When the ensteinet, Kagome, is transfered into a new school, she meets up with the star basketball player, Inu-Yasha, who she sang with at her old school on New Years Eve. They eventually sign up for the school musical, but Sango and Kohaku, the siblings who stared in every school musical, it trying to stop them. With the help of Koga, Ayame, and Kagura, the two show their true talent of singing.
She sits by the window, trying to remember.
this is for my BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST friend, Chelsea!
Yay, we've known each other for...7 years now!
Yeah, we met before we even knew what the heck school was. :)
And, we have never gotten into any fights, ever!
the only thing that sucks is th
(dunno why the title is that..but anyway, this is a doujinshi I'm doing, made into a novel! :D )

An average Japanese middle schooler was walking to her home in Canada, when an red,shy,and sweet alien appears in the shortcut she takes, warning her about
well, one late night, I was watching Lilo and Stich with my brother and his friend. Since they say that i'm the devil, I decided to creep them out. So I looked at my brother with an emotionless look, and I said, "There are dead children in the walls."
When Yori became Entei's new owner, she brought Hakudoushi back to life. But, Hakudoushi wanted Entei all for himself. So he erases everybody(except himself and Entei's)'s minds. Now, Yori awakens, not knowing who or what she is. This time, she's on the g
Imagine the Inu-Yasha charecters as the Spongebob charecters...well this is what this story is all about.

Some of these delightful fun-filled scenes are from the old Spongebob scenes, so it will be more....spongey..

So, enjoy it's wierdness! For thi's a weird story about random stuff...

contuing series thingy.

rated R for retardness
Just a lil Kag/Inu Christmas fic.

Naraku sends the Inu-gumi(GUMI!) into Barney's world! Will they survive?

rated pg for retardness, and for the overuse of the word 'gay'

This story is deticated to one of my best friends, Monique.

It's about a mistreated girl who got her revenge, but now is regretting it.

(and if Monique is reading this right now, I'm so sorry that all the boys in our class are so mean to you((includ
Ok..this story was deleated for no reason at here it is again...

Inu-Yasha eats a bag of sugar....what's going to happen?
This are just some jokes that I heard of..and some of them I made