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Chapter 1 - true friends

this is a role pla that so far use jordan and sutaru

Chapter 1 - true friends

Chapter 1 - true friends
a dark rainy night the rain battered upon a young teenage lynx she sruggles to get through the dark rainy sky upon the city she walks through her name is sutaru
sutaru:oh im never going to make it home star city is lovely place but this weather why does such a nice city have to suffer this horrid weather i wish i had run into my friend jordan he is the prince pf this kingdom and he lives in a big huge just outside the city
sutaru tried to get home but thunder and lightning struck her and she felll to the groun a mysterious figure see her puts her in his car and drives away sutaru wakes u in a big mansoin on a comfy sofa layed down with a warm blanket over her
sutaru:huh were am i sure is fancy in here
jordan:its about time you woke up there is some tea and toast for you
she sat up as he sat down and she ate some toast and drank some tea
sutaru:its really nice of you to give me all this but why did you
jordan:because your my true friend anything for friend
the red hedgehog smiled as she smiled back at him she was beginning to relax on the warm sofa
jordan:you should stay here for a while I'd be more than happy to look after you and help in any way i can
sutaru:but i don't understand why you have done all this
jordan:it doesn't matter your my friend and i look after and care for my friends
sutaru:your really kind jordan to do this for me
sutaru looked at her arm and noticed it was wrapped with a bandage
sutaru:why is my arm bandaged
jordan:you was struck by lightning it hit your arm and anyways we should get some rest
sutaru:but were will i sleep
jordan:there are three beds in my room you can use one of them
the friends went upstairs and dressed into their nightwear
sutaru:thanks jordan
jordan:no problem
the friends settled in bed and went to sleep and awaited the adventures of tomorrow


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sonicbabe5 on February 24, 2007, 5:59:46 AM

sonicbabe5 on

Sutaru on February 21, 2007, 3:46:37 AM

Sutaru on
Sutaruyayness! what am i suposed to do now? am i goin to continue on it or what shuld i do?