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ok here is a spyro story im writing partly made from imagination partly made from dreams i keep having this was inspired by a dream i had also so yea enjoy  :D
ok a story on jordan's life ok it will be bad i know so wat
um........this is kinda random but this was one of my fave T.V shows as a kids so umm i dunno why im writin about it so um any way if 8u wanna be mentioned in it just say(even tho no-one will) and dont comment if u dont like it
ok everyone sems to have a story of there digimon so i made one too
a digimon story about digimon and tamers about there friendship honour and bravery
this is a role pla that so far use jordan and sutaru
my second stoy the gang have now moved into a mansion
mi first story hope you like it if u want to be in the story let me know on mi profile page