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Chapter 4 - Chapter 4

Upon her tutor's return Alexia is suddenly thrown headfirst into an adventure. She visits elves, fights demons, and unearths lost secrets. Will she be able to discover the crystal shards in time to stop an evil sorcerer, or will the world fall into chaos?

Chapter 4 - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Chapter 4
When Sarah awoke the next morning everyone else was already awake and wondering around the room. “No taking off the cast early.” “But Rikku!” “No buts! You wonder why your bones are so fragile and awkward, and why getting hit in that one place on the back of your neck knocks you out. It’s because you can’t wait for it to heal naturally so you use healing magic first chance you get.” “Sarah you’re awake!” “Don’t run away from me!” Kyla ran over to Sarah, Rikku chasing after her. “Good morning. Everyone is up early.” Sarah greeted sitting up and stretching. “Actually we all should have been up hours ago. Ow!” Kyla said then yelped as Rikku elbowed her missing her side and hitting her in the broken arm. “I’m sorry!” He shouted hugging her. “Just don’t make a habit of it.” She squeaked. “I’m sorry. I must be what is holding us back from our journey.” Sarah said jumping out of bed and rushing to get ready. “It’s ok no need to rush.” Kyla commented.
“Miss Sarah I have a request.” Domon said walking over to Sarah as she entered the room. “What is it?” Sarah asked taking note of the polite way the boy spoke. “I was hoping it would be alright if we were to travel with you.” He requested. Sarah didn’t know how to respond to this. “He’s only wanting to go because Kyla is with you.” Rain teased. Domon’s face flashed red as he glanced away. “You know how she is. When she is alone she travels just fine but with a group she would sacrifice herself for their well being. Somebody needs to be there to make sure she doesn’t do anything too reckless. Besides we still have a while left of our vacation. We will have to return to Demiri once it is over.” He stated. Sarah thought about his words. He was right Kyla was reckless. The way she jumped in front of Sarah in order to protect her. Her arm is broken all because of my recklessness… Sarah said to herself. Domon looked up at her waiting for her answer. “Yes, I would be honored if you joined us.” She told him. “Thank you. Don’t worry we won’t slow you down or anything. We may not look like it but we are really strong martial artist.” He said bowing to her. Sarah knew they were strong; they came from the same monkey-demon city as Kyla.
“Good if are all happy can we please leave. We need to start heading towards Anvalia or we will never end this ‘journey.’” Felix critiqued gathering the last of his things and strapping his sword to his back. “Actually I was hoping we could go by the elf village.” Kyla suggested. Her travel pack flew off of the night stand and tied onto her belt. “No we can’t risk being out in the open longer than we must. We are going straight to Anvalia.” He hissed. “This is her journey and seeing the elves is a big opportunity.” She retorted. “and I said no!” He barked. A scowl came to her face as she glared at him but suddenly her face softened as she sighed. “Felix can I talk to you for a moment?” She inquired walking past him motioning for him to follow her. They walked out into the hallway, leaving the door open. Everyone watched as the two talked. Kyla stood on her tip toes and Felix leaned down to where she could whisper in his ear. “Hey you do this one thing and I’ll let you use me as a punching bag both verbally and physically.” She suggested. Felix thought about it for awhile then nodded in agreement. “Thank you.” She replied turning around and walking back to the group. “Alrighty we’re goin to Celene to visit the elves.” She chirped. “Wow I wonder how she did it.” Matt pondered. “You know what I don’t think I want to know…” Britt sighed, standing up and grabbing her backpack ready to leave.
They all walked outside Kyla had already prepared the horses, two new horses joining the team. Kyla ran ahead and leapt onto the back of her horse, the cast in no way hindering her movement. Domon joined her, sitting behind her. Rikku and Rain also shared a horse. Britt climbed up on one for herself. “We all set?” Kyla asked as everyone else got on they’re horses. She looked at everyone noting that they were ready. With a soft click of her tongue the horses all started their smooth trip out of town.
They rode north-east into the forest. Sarah was starting to ponder more and more things, mostly about Kyla. She never thought to ask her where she went when she left the palace. Maybe she left to visit the friends that were traveling with them right now. “Hey are you ok?” Ash inquired riding up next to her. “Yes. I’m only lost in thought.” She replied. “Still wondering more about Kyla?” He asked smirking. “Indeed. There is so much I don’t know about her and I have known her for ten years now.” She said looking up at Kyla who was chatting merrily with Domon and the others. “I would like to learn more about Felix as well, and the others if I can.” She added glancing at them. “Good luck with that.” Ash sighed.
Sarah spent the rest of the trip in silence. The only sounds were from the others talking and the forest itself, the wind blowing through the trees, animals playing in the bushes, the leaves dancing in the breeze. It was past noon when they finally arrived at the elf village hidden among the trees. “Wow do elves really live here?” Sarah squeaked taking note all the tall pearly white buildings. “Yup and what’s even better they’re having a festival. If everyone doesn’t mind I think I’ll help out with the preparations. They city is really awesome so explore and have fun.” Kyla said climbing off her horse followed by Domon. She turned to start taking the saddle off when he stopped her. “Hey go on I got all this.” He told her. “Are you sure?” She inquired looking him in the eyes. He blushed and nodded. She tossed her arms around him, thanking him, before running off into the city. Everyone climbed off of their horses. “Ummm what are we supposed to do with the saddles and everything?” Matt asked trying to untie the saddle strap. “Well… There is a stable right there… Kyla probably wants to let them run free though. They’ll be back when we’re ready to leave.” Domon answered easily untying the tight knots. He removed the riding gear then walked over to assist Matt. Sarah and Ash were also having difficulties untying the straps, but Britt and Rikku easily undressed their horses and placed their equipment in the stables. Rain stood there bored unwilling to help as Felix managed to untie the saddle strap with great difficulty. Britt walked back over and stood beside Rain, while Rikku helped Domon carry stuff to the stables before helping Ash with his horse. Sarah just stood there and watched feeling useless because she couldn’t undo the knot. Felix sighed and walked over to help her. With a strong tug the knot came undone and he finished taking off the saddle before handing it over to Sarah. She took it from him though found it too heavy and nearly fell from the weight. Felix groaned as he took the saddle from her and carried both it and the reins to the building.
“So now what?” Ash asked stretching. “We can pair up and explore. Rikku you’re coming with me!” Rain said grabbing Rikku by the wrist and dragging him off. “Domon’s going to show me around.” Britt said tapping Domon on the head and walking off. He waved back at everyone as he followed. “I’m goin to teach Ash how to fight and stuff.” Matt said high-fiving Ash as the two ran off. “It’s rather strange that those two are getting along now… I guess it is you and me then.” Sarah chirped looking at Felix. He glared over at her. “Well that is if you don’t mind. I just didn’t think it would be good for me to wonder off on my own. And everything… ummm yeah…” Sarah stammered. Felix scoffed and started to walk waving for her to come with him. She grinned as she pranced after him.
They walked around the town finding a water fall with a bench near it for people to sit and enjoy its beauty. “It’s so beautiful here.” Sarah said running to the fence that separated people from the edge of the cliff. Felix just sat on the bench and looked out at the waterfall. “So what’s our plan now?” Rain asked. She and Rikku were sitting at the picnic tables on the other side of the waterfall. You could reach that area by walking around and under the water fall. “I guess we travel with them for as long as we can.” Rikku replied looking up at the sky. “No not that! Our new plan for getting Domon and Kyla together.” She hissed. “When are you going to give that up? If they want to be together they’ll get together on their own.” He sighed. “But we may not have that long. You never know when she is going to go off and do something stupid that gets her killed. That’s how we found her to begin with… Who knows maybe having a boyfriend would calm her down and she would stop leaving and doing so many dangerous things.” Rain suggested. “That would be nice… but there is a couple of problems. Domon is too shy to admit his feeling and Kyla doesn’t really understand her feelings, even if she did she wouldn’t be able to get it through her thick skull that he feels the same way.” Rakku groaned.
“I’ve had enough of this. Let’s go!” Felix shouted standing up sharply, tired of listening to Rikku and Rain’s conversation. He shoved his hands into his pockets and started stomping off. Sarah followed him. He led her to a place surrounded by trees. He collapsed on the bench and crossed his legs at his ankles as he stared at the ground. She sat down next to him. They sat there in silence for while. Finally Sarah got up the courage to speak. “You must like to think.” She said looking over at him. He looked over at her with that same look of anger in his eyes. “I’m sorry. I just meant you’re so quite. Whenever everything is so quite I can’t help but think.” She added fearing that she may have upset him. He looked back down at the ground unable to really find an answer to her question. Yeah he liked to think, he preferred it when everything was quite. It wasn’t necessarily the noise that angered him. It was the subject of his thoughts that kept him in a foul mood. “Can I ask you a question? Why are you so angry all the time? Did something happen between you and Kyla?” She questioned. He shot a glare at her. He hated talking about his past and the tiny brat was something he didn’t want to discuss at all. “Please… just let me in… I want to help you.” She added. This was the last he could handle. “Who says I need anyone’s help! You don’t even know me! I’m fine the way I am I don’t care what you or that little mongrel thinks!” He yelled at her. His cold blue eyes like ice stabbing at her. “F-Felix… I d-d-didn’t mean.” She squeaked standing up and reaching out to him. “Get away from me! J-j-just LEAVE ME ALONE!” He screamed knocking her hand away and running away.
She watched him run off, tears in her eyes. She just wanted him to open up and talk to her. She didn’t mean to make him hate her. “What’s all the shouting about?” Kyla asked coming out from the bushes behind Sarah. Turns out that where they were sitting was right next to the town square. “Felix…” Sarah whispered lowering her eyes. “So Felix was with you? Don’t worry about him he can take care of himself. Just give him some time to cool off.” Kyla told her sitting down on the stone bench. “He hates me…” Sarah sighed sitting next to her. “He doesn’t hate you… he’s just really steamed…” Kyla told her. “Do you know why he is like that?” Sarah asked looking at her. “Sorta… though why it’s escalated like this I don’t know…” Kyla whispered glancing down almost sadly. “Hey the festival’s gonna start soon. Let’s get everyone together so we can eat and enjoy everything.” Kyla suggested standing up and grabbing Sarah by the wrists and dragging her with her.
“How are we to find everyone?” Sarah asked trying to keep up with Kyla. “I have canine sense of smell remember!” Kyla chirped as she sniffed the air. “This way!” Kyla shouted changing directions and pulling Sarah harshly. Finally Kyla came to a stop at the edge of a field. Sarah worked hard to catch her breath. “No disrespect but your sense of smell may be failing you.” She wheezed unable to see any of their friends. “Nope right there.” Kyla said pointing. Sarah strained her eyes and saw a few figures running quickly towards them. It was Britt, Rain, Rikku and Domon. They were racing. Suddenly something flew in front of them. They all quickly came to a stop in order to prevent colliding with Ash who was riding Matt’s hover-board. “Sorry!” Matt shouted chasing after Ash. “I’ll be right back.” Kyla said grinning as she took off running. She worked hard to prevent herself from running on all fours like a dog. She runs faster that way but with a broken arm she would only hurt herself. Pouncing on the hover-board with Ash, she gained control of it and rode it back to where Sarah was waiting before landing it.
“Hahaha that was awesome.” Rikku laughed as he and the others finished their race, Sarah as the finish line. They laughed giddily as they worked to catch their breath, who knew how long they had been running. “Why’d ya’ll leave me back there?” Matt wheezed reaching the group. “We can’t help that you run too slow.” Britt shot at him. He gulped as he sensed harshness in her words. Kyla started laughing. “Is there something you need?” Domon asked looking at Kyla. “I figured it was about time to start heading to where we’re staying tonight, so we could eat before going to the festival.” Kyla said. “Sounds good to me.” Rain smirked.
Everyone started walking back into town. Sarah paused and sighed. They didn’t even look for Felix. “Worried about Felix huh.” Kyla stated stopping next to her. It was almost scary how she always seemed to know what people were thinking, though it was even scarier that it was because she could actually read minds. “Hey ya’ll go on ahead. We’re going to go find Felix.” Kyla chirped then smiled up at Sarah. Sarah smiled back down in appreciation of the small teenager. “Wow I actually kind of forgot about him…” Matt sighed sounding almost disappointed. Kyla started running off out of town with Sarah following her. “Wait… but she didn’t tell us where we were going…” Ash squeaked. The rest of the group stood there and stared at the two girls, confused as to what they were supposed to do.
“Are you able to catch his scent?” Sarah questioned as Kyla started to slow down to a walk. She nodded and pointed ahead at Felix who was a few paces from them slashing at the air with his sword. She held out her hand signaling for Sarah to wait, and Sarah did as she was silently instructed. Kyla smirked as she walked up behind Felix making little if any sound at all. SNAP A twig broke beneath Kyla’s feet as she came to a stop right behind Felix. He seemed to jump in fear as he twirled around and swung harshly at her. She threw up her arm to block the blade and it appeared to stop there in mid air. Waves of light separated Kyla from Felix’s sword as a sword became visible there. At the last second Kyla had teleported a sword to shield her. Sarah was shocked. She didn’t even want to think what would have happened if Kyla hadn’t acted so quickly. “Hey just thought you might would be hungry.” Kyla said grinning as Felix sheathed his sword. She lowered hers and teleported it away. She motioned with her head before turning and leading the way back. He glared at her as he began to follow, Sarah walking at his side.
“That was scary you know! What if you did not react as fast as you did!?” Sarah lectured. Kyla only answered with laughter. This made Felix grit his teeth. “She had it planned…” He growled. Sarah glanced over at him confused. “She knew I would attack like that if she snuck up behind me. The way she crossed over without making a sound only to step on a twig when she is right behind me. She wanted me to attack her.” He explained. Sarah was slightly shocked by this. She didn’t expect for Kyla to be so precognitive. Kyla turned back and grinned broadly at Sarah.
The trio walked into town on their way to where they were to spend the night. “Hey ‘bout time you got back!” Rain shouted anger darkening her face. “What are ya’ll still doing out here?” Kyla asked as they reached the group that was relaxing on each side of the road where Kyla and Sarah had left them. “You forgot to tell us where we were going you idiot.” Britt hissed glaring at Kyla from beneath her golden bangs. “Oh… woops… I guess I did forget to mention we were going to the Elder’s house.” Kyla giggled nervously. “We’re staying with the elder?” Sarah questioned with a squeak of excitement in her voice. “Yeah! Me and him go way back. Well we better hurry if we want to eat.” Kyla chirped scratching through her hair.
Kyla led them through town and up a hill to the house of the Elder. At the door an elf maiden with long brown hair waited. “Evening travelers, we are honored that you will be joining us for dinner.” She greeted motioning towards the door. “And we are honored to be welcomed into this home.” Kyla replied bowing before leading everyone inside. The house was large and spacious. “Kyla it is good to see you again.” An elfish man said walking over to the large group. “I am pleased to meet you, friends of Kyla. I hope you will enjoy your stay in Celene.” He added speaking to the group. “Everyone this is Xelpher the elder of Celene.” Kyla said introducing the man. He bowed; most of the group bowing in return. “Let us dine so we may go and enjoy the festivities.” He suggested taking everyone to the dining hall where dinner was already laid out on the table.
Everyone gathered around the table for the wonderful feast, Kyla hastily started eating barely leaving time to chew between mouthfuls. Sarah glanced around watching everyone. She paused when she saw Rain stealing food off Rikku’s plate. “Hey get your own!” He shouted as she came back for more food. “Why would I do that when I can try yours beforehand?” She hissed. The two of them started to argue. “Can they two of you please calm down? I am literally in the middle of your fight.” Domon sighed eating his food slowly and politely as they fought over his head. “Fine… Rikku Switch places with Domon!” Rain commanded. “Why do I have to move?” He retorted. “So you can sit next to me and Domon can sit next to his girlfriend.” Rain teased referring to Kyla who wasn’t paying any attention. At this statement Domon spit out his food and started to choke on what he accidently swallowed. “Fine…” Rikku groaned standing up paying no attention to the choking boy. Domon fell out of his seat allowing Rikku to take it. “Ummm shouldn’t someone help him?” Sarah suggested. She wasn’t the only one watching this in astonishment. “He’ll be fine… Give it a minute.” Rain sighed, stealing more of Rikku’s food this time without having to reach over Domon. Kyla took a large gulp of water before she glanced down at Domon who laid on the floor struggling for air. “What are you doing down there?” She chirped picking him up and sitting him in his seat. “So you switched spots so you could sit next to me? Awesome!” She added pressing her nose to his face and nuzzling him like a puppy. His face went completely blood shot as he suddenly got over his choking. “What complete idiots…” Britt sighed. What interesting people… Sarah said to herself going back to her meal.
“There’s nothing like a good meal.” Kyla yawned stretching as everyone gathered outside. “Are we going to the festival now!” Sarah chirped excitedly. Xelpher smiled and nodded. “Hey race yah into town!” Matt shouted patting Sarah on the shoulder before running ahead of the group. “Hey no fair after all we just ate!” Kyla retorted chasing after him along with Ash, Britt, Rain, and Rikku. “You’re not going to race with them?” Domon inquired walking along side Sarah. “No I don’t think my stomach can handle it. What about you?” Sarah replied. “Well I guess I just don’t feel like racing. I’m the more laid back one out of all of us.” He answered with a chuckle.
Domon and Sarah chatted quietly as they walked into town. Xelpher listened to their conversation the whole time though seemed to be more fascinated with the silent Felix who only seemed to be coming along because of everyone else. “It’s so pretty!” Sarah exclaimed as they entered the town square. Venders lined the road offering games, festival apparel and other souvenirs. Little firefly like orbs of light fluttering in the air and in jars hanging from the stands illuminated the night air.
“Want to try little girl it’s an easy game.” A vender offered. Sarah twirled around to find Kyla at one of the games. “Well… I’m not exactly left handed…” She muttered examining her casted arm. “I would like to try.” Domon said walking up beside her. The vender quickly explained the game as Domon paid the fee. It was a simple game where you had to knock down all the bottles by throwing a ball. “Man all games like this are rigged.” Matt groaned walking past Sarah accompanied by Ash. He paused suddenly as Domon arched his arm back and threw the ball that easily knocked the bottles down. “Choose a prize” He said to Kyla who was hopping up and down with glee. “That’s not fair…” Ash hissed. It seemed as though him and Matt were already having a foul time with the games. “Wow this is so pretty!” Sarah squeaked looking over at one of the other stands. She ran over and picked up a brightly colored scarf up. “It’s only 5 gold pieces.” The elf said. A smile lit up her face as she started to check her pockets but the smile faded when she realized she didn’t have any money. Felix was keeping all the money they found while traveling and unlike the others she didn’t have her own money. She gently folded the scarf and put back where it was before trudging off to find where one of the others had pranced off to.
Felix stared at the scarf in thought. He was curious as to why she left the scarf there though she seemed so interested in buying it. Did she not have any money? If that is the case why didn’t she pester her friends for some… He pondered this as he walked up to the stall and examined the scarf closer.
“Hey are you going to participate in anything?” Sarah asked walking over to Britt who decided to sit on a bench watching everyone. “I think this is all kind of stupid… It’s not exactly my kind of fun.” She sighed. “I know you probably thinking about Tristan.” Rain chanted prancing over and taking a seat next to Britt. “If you know what is good for you, you would shut up…” Britt hissed. “Really who is Tristan?” Sarah inquired. “He’s her man candy.” Rain joked giggling. “No he’s not!” Britt growled swinging at Rain, but Rain smoothly fell back avoiding the punch and rolled onto her feet. “Oh what is he then?” Sarah questioned smiling. “I’m just going to let you clear this one up.” Rain chuckled, running back into the crowd of people. “He’s just this guy that Kyla’s been trying to set me up with… but all he’s good for is trouble. I hope you heard me too!” She replied. “He’s here!?” Sarah squeaked glancing around. “Probably… I can never tell, but he’s around more often than you’d think.” Britt sighed. Sarah just stared at her confused. “You’ll understand later…. The writer of this probably wants to make it dramatic and hold out the suspense.” Britt added. “What are you talking about?” Sarah asked completely thrown off by this “writer” nonsense. “It’s a bunch of fourth wall stuff not everyone gets it.” Britt said with a soft laugh as if she was having some kind of strange fun with this little mind game. “You know what never mind it can get a bit confusing.” She laughed. “See now you’re having fun. Hey why don’t you hang out with me and who knows you might actually have a good time.” Sarah chirped. “Naaa I think I’ll just hang out here.” Britt insisted, but Sarah wouldn’t hear it. “Come on you’ll have fun!” She shouted grabbing Britt’s wrist and pulling her along.
“Do you have any gold pieces?” Sarah inquired stopping near some of the games. “You drag me out on this little field trip and don’t even have any money to fund it?” Britt critiqued frowning. “I’m sorry. I didn’t have any when I left home and Felix has been keeping everything we’ve earned from the random battles on the road.” Sarah squeaked feeling bad. “Its fine no need to be upset. I have some money what would you like to do?” Britt sighed. “Your jackets ripped…” Sarah said as she randomly noticed a tear in the shoulder her friend’s jacket. “shoot! It must have happened in the fight against Cerberus last night. And I liked this jacket.” She hissed. “Actually this is the first time you wore it because all of your other ones are dirty up.” Rikku said popping out of nowhere. “What is it with all you shorter people just appearing like that?” Britt questioned. “Actually I’ve been here for a while. You just didn’t see me.” He replied seeming slightly peeved at the fact she called him short, thought it’s not like she is lying when he is practically a foot shorter than her. “Don’t you have something better to do?” She asked. “Actually I was looking for Rain.” He told her. “She’s around her somewhere just not with me.” She informed him. “Oh thanks. Well I guess I’ll catch the two of you later, and Britt! Please just relax and try to have fun.” He said waving at them. She glared at him as he walked away.
She and Sarah stood there. Britt was relieved that she had the dweebs out of her hair but still had to decide on what to do, if she didn’t Sarah would probably just keep pestering her. Well I guess now is a good a time as any to get a new jacket. Maybe that will satisfy her… Britt said to herself before turning to Sarah. “Do you think we could find me a new jacket?” She asked scratching through her hair. “Yeah! That sounds like fun!”
Britt spent the next hour or so searching for a new jacket with Sarah. This wasn’t what Britt would consider fun but it kept Sarah happy, and honestly it wasn’t all that bad. Finally she settled on a brand new blue jacket.
“Hey check this out.” Britt muttered watching what appeared to be some kind of competition. Both she and Sarah started watching. It was a brick breaking contest. Sarah didn’t understand the attraction of breaking a bunch of bricks. “Hey hold my jacket. I want to try.” Britt said handing both her old and new jacket over to Sarah to where she was down to just her tank top. “O… ok.” Sarah squeaked watching the girl sign up for the contest.
All of the contestants lined up in front of stacks of bricks. Apparently the point was they would all keep breaking bricks until they reached their limit. They started off with one brick and each time another brick was added, so the second round was two bricks, third would have three, and so on so forth until there was one person left. Britt was the only girl up there with a bunch of men.
Round after round past with them breaking bricks and people were steadily dropping out of the ranks. Britt was actually flying through really smoothly, usually only a fraction of her strength to break through the stack of bricks. A smile lit up her fact as she tore through each pile of rock with ease. Finally it was down to her and a dwarf who had attended the festival in attempt to sell his wears. They were up to a stack of 20 bricks. The dwarf seemed to be getting tired as he watched her in disbelief, a confident grin stretched across her face. The dwarf gulped as he looked at the large stack in front on him. He gathered as much strength as he could and slammed his hand down onto the bricks. They shattered beneath his might, but he didn’t have enough to break all of the bricks. It was down to Britt. If she didn’t break all of her bricks they would do a count to see who broke the most and if it was a tie they would have to redo.
She took in a deep breath. The dwarf seemed to be worried fretting that she would be able to break all of them when he couldn’t. She laid her hand on the top brick as if enjoying the feel of it, almost showing respect before slamming her fist into it. With ease the bricks shattered and crumbled beneath her fist as she sliced though all 20 bricks. She withdrew her hand. It didn’t even seem to faze her that she had slammed her fist through so many bricks, though she appeared quite happy to have arrived victorious. Sarah was happy to see this genuine smile on her face.

“Hey that was really neat!” Sarah congratulated as the two of them traveled back to the elder’s house. Britt just smiled as she walked with her jacket drape over her shoulder. She seemed pleased with the prize money she won. “We’re back.” Sarah greeted as they entered the elders house. “Welcome back. Most of your companions have already arrived and went to their rooms. It appears you are rooming with Miss Kyla, so let me show you to your room. And you Miss Britt are with Miss Rain.” The elfish servant informed them leading them through the house. “Here you are Miss Britt.” She said stopping at one of the many rooms along the hallway. “Goodnight, Britt. Tonight was really fun.” Sarah said smiling. “Yeah… night” Britt replied entering her room.
“So why are there so many rooms?” Sarah inquired looking at the numerous doors they passed. “The elder likes to house travelers. Something he started several years ago at the suggestion of Miss Kyla who had wondered here half starved one day.” She replied. Sarah nodded her head showing that she understood since she couldn’t come up with a verbal response. “And here is your room.” The elf said stopping. Sarah stopped as well. “Thank you.” She told her bowing. The elf returned the gestured before walking away. Sarah watched her until she was out of sight before entering the room.
“Hey you’re back rather late.” Kyla greeted from the dark. Sarah looked up to where her friend’s voice came from and nearly jumped out of her skin when she was met by Kyla’s blue glowing eyes. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” Kyla said with a slight giggle as she used her magic to light a candle that was on the night stand next to her. “I still can’t get used to that…” Sarah squeaked calming down and walking over to her friend’s bed. “I guess anyone would find it creepy to walk into a dark room and see two glowing eyes staring at them, friend or not.” Kyla replied grinning. “Why do your eyes glow like that? Does all of your kind do it?” Sarah inquired sitting on the edge of Kyla’s bed. “Nope, I’m just weird.” Kyla chuckled. “So what are you doing?” Sarah asked. “Just drawing.” She chirped holding up her sketch book. “I didn’t know you could draw! Is there anything you can’t do?” Sarah questioned looking over the group picture Kyla had drawn. “Well when I think about it I guess I try to do a little bit of everything. It’s kinda how I earn a living.” She replied taking back her sketch book and closing it. “Hey we should be getting some sleep. Big day tomorrow, you know. We should reach Anvalia by mid-day if we leave early enough.” She added. “Right… well I guess good night then.” Sarah said standing up and climbing into her own bed. “Night.” Kyla chirped leaning towards the candle and softly blowing it out.


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