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Chapter 1 - Brothers in the Military, and boys in minishorts

The LuCana, god of dragons, has been locked away, dorment inside his own soul for many thousands of years. The empire of Hexia, advanced race of planet conquring beings, have found out about this adn plan on controling him as a weapon...

Chapter 1 - Brothers in the Military, and boys in minishorts

Chapter 1 - Brothers in the Military, and boys in minishorts
Chapter 1: Brothers in the Military, and Boys in Mini Shorts

        There was a scent of fire and ash mixed the in air. A hexian man, who looked to be in his mid-twenties, was standing outside of the military base. He was trying to catch his breath after running so far to get there. As his breath slowly calmed itself, he brushed his long red bangs out of his silver eyes. The man walked up to the base's front door. The guard stood erect as he walked up.
        "Captain Shima, sir, you have been expected," the guard said in a gruff voice.
        The man nodded and proceeded into the base. Shima's sharp cold face was emotionless and his long silky red hair swayed from side to side with each step as he walked inside the base's hallway. The hexian looked about at his surroundings. There were no decorations, no changes. The hall was the same all the way down to the stairs at the end of the hall. Just metal doors, white walls, and brown carpet. Hexians never had been the type to have beautiful art or decorations, except for on the battleship walls. Their interests were technology and power, nothing more. Still, after being in the forest for two days, the hexian man thought of the hall as dull.
        Shima walked up the metal stairs. The clank of his boots hitting the metal was an all too familiar sound. Shima walked into a room on the right just beyond the end of the staircase. There was a large desk. Behind the desk sat a hexian, looking to be in his late twenties or early thirties. His deep gold eyes were fixed on a paper that was laying on the desk in front of him. The long black hair around his face made his eyes and tanned skin glow brilliantly.
        Shima stood there for a short second, then calmly said, "Colonel Feign, did you wish to see me?"

        Feign looked up. "Oh hey there!" he exclaimed happily.

        "Colonel sir, may I remind you, you are not acting in a proper way. You shouldn't speak to a lower ranked officer like your equal. What would the king say?" Shima said cooly.

        "lighten up, little brother," Feign said with a smile, "No one is around."

        Shima looked at his brother in a stern manner. He wondered how Feign had ever made it so high on the hexian military ladder with his personality. "Do you need something from me, Colonel?"

        He nodded. "I need your red division to travel to the planet of Kalimna."

        "Kalimna?" Shima said questionably, "That planet isn't on schedual untill we have taken over Lyton. Why would we bother with it now?"

        Feign put his elbows on the desk and rested his head on his hands. "Our scientists on hexia III have just informed us of a weapon in kalimna that will aid us greatly. We can't afford to wait and loose it. "

        "May I ask what this weapon is, Colonel?" Shima said as he blinked and wondered what such weapon could be on an underdeveloped planet like Kalimna.

        "Do you remember Lucana?"

        Shima was confused as to what that had to do with anything."Lucana? Yes, thats the myth that was spread across the galaxy, even before the first spaceships."

        Feign shook his head. "It is no myth, Captain Shima. Its there, on Kalimna."

        The red headed hexian was startled but managed to say in his calm manner, "The lucana on Kalimna? Are they sure?"

        "So sure that they not only garenteed it to me, but also the king himself," Feign said with optimism in his voice, "You'll leave in three days."

        "But Colonel Feign, most of the soldiers are on leave. Some have even left Hexia VI and wont be back for a week."

        "well round them up, Captain! The cannot wait any longer than three days."

        Shima bowed his head. "yes, Colonel"

        "Oh, and before you go, Captain..."


        "Mommy says hi!"



        Three days later the red division of the hexian army was boarding the fleet of battleships. Shima walked into the main battleship, The Dragonfly. There was a hexian boy with a long blonde braid that reached his lower thigh and big silver eyes. He was in a soldier's top, but instead of the soldier's uniform pants, he had on tight black shorts that you could barely see under the top because they were so short. the odd boy caught Shima's eye as he was walking down the hall to the command center. The boy was looking at a etching in the wall of a dragon in human form that had a feminin face, long hair, furry dragon wings, and was in a royal looking outfit. His back was turned to Shima.
        "Where are your...pants soldier?" Shima said, startling the boy who turned around very quickly.

        "Ah, Captain Shima sir! Nice to meet'cha. "
        Shima's left ear twitched at the use of horrible grammar. "You haven't answered my question."

        "Oh, the pants? I threw them out. They were itchy and Colonel Feign said I didn't have to wear the full outfit because of my status."

        Shima blinked twice and said, "You're a guardian? "

        "Yes sir! Guardian Naku Maru, recently of the princess's guardians, and now reporting to the red division. " He said while saluting lazily.

        This was a shock to Shima. Each division(red, blue, and green) had five guardians, and then the prince and princess of Hexia were guarded with fifteen guardians. The guardians outrank soldiers, and were usually much older and not nearly as happy, but this.... boy didn't even look like he should be in the military at all!

        "Why were you stationed on my division?" Shima said. His voice was cold and emotionless as usual.

        Naku said in the same tone, but more warmly, "Colonel thought me more useful in the field than Guardian Mokai, so they gave him and...early retirement and gave me the position."

        Shima pause for a long second and then nodded. "very well then, welcome aboard."

        "Pleasure to be here, sir!" Naku said while bowing to the captain.

        As Shima walked off, Naku stared at his red hair in Awe. No wonder hes captain of the RED division He thought.Naku had never seen such hair on a hexian before. He decided to follow the Captain Shima and see just what kind of captain he was.

        Shima entered the command center with Naku twenty steps behind him. As he checked up on everything he caught a glimps of the blonde boy staring at him in the corner. Shima decided to ignore it. He thought Naku was just doing his guardian duties.A guardians only task was to protect the Captain they are under, or the prince and princess. Naku was doing his job, while the other four guardians were down in the engine room playing poker, thinking Shima didn't know. Somehow, Shima always got the lazy guardians. Of course, that was alright since he didn't even need a guardian at all.

        "Captain Shima, all the battleships are ready to launch," a female soldier at the head of the command center called out.

        Shima looked at her. "Very good Leena, lets get moving then."

        Leena gave the orders to all ships. Naku watched them fly by one by one. He had never seen a battleship moving before. It was one fluid motion as they lifted off the ground, flying into space.

        Leena called out again, "Lifting off in three... two..."

        Shima, who was standing near the boy now, looked at Naku. "Brace yourself."

        "Wha-" is all Naku managed to say before getting flung to the floor from the movement. The others in the crew were hangin on to objects and kneeling on the ground. Shima, however, stayed perfectly still. Only his red hair moved, and that was only because of the fan nearby. Naku looked up at him. It was like looking at a perfect statue. How am I supposed to protect someone that is stronger than I? He tought to himself, still watching Shima in respect, admiration, and slight self dissapointment.

        After entering a gravitational warp, the crew were at ease and Naku was able to stand up again. Shima started walking to his quarters.

        As he passed Naku, Shima said in a low tone, "come with me," and kept walking.

        Naku wondered what was going on and followed him. When Naku walked into the room, Shima shut the door.

        "Do you need something Captian Shima?" Naku asked.

        Shima walked over and bent down to Naku's eye level. He was so close to his face that Naku could smell his breath, which had a nice scent of honey.

        "Why are you here?" He said in his usual cold tone.

        Naku replied, "Captain, um, didn't I explain that already?"
        Shima looked at Naku sternly, which was a bit frightening to the boy. "tell me everything. Why did my brother send you here? To spy on me no doubt."

        Naku backed up slightly. "Well, he just wanted me to keep him informed on your progress in finding Lucana, and since I am an expert on the subject he thought it best to send me instead of trusting one of the guardians you had."

        Shima stopped glaring. "So you are spying."

        "Oh no sir, just checking up on progress!" Naku said nervously.

        "relax," Shima said while straightening up, "I knew that my brother would send someone. He is always "checking up" on me."
        Naku sighed in relief. He really didn't want his new captain angry with him. Anything would have been better than that!

        "So you're a Lucana expert?"

        "Yes Captain."

        A half smile appeared on Shima's face."That may come in handy. I have no clue what we are actually looking for, really."

        "What! you don't?!?!" Naku exclaimed.

        "I never listened to legends or myths much" Shima said, with a hint of embarrasment in his voice.

        Naku took a long pause, then smiled at the captain. "Well then, I'm glad to help!"


        After two days the planet of Kalimna was in sight. Naku gazed at it threw the command center front window while Leena was too busy to notice he was leaving fingerprints on it. She had gotten on to him on countless occasion for that. She even yelled at Captain Shima for it once. Leena was one very scary brown headed soldier woman.

        Shima walked up behind Naku and said calmly, "So, what should we look for when we land? Will we even be able to locate it?"

        Naku turned around shocked. "Gah! Do you sneak up on everyone or just me?!?"

        Shima just gave a shrug.

        Naku sighed and said, "Well the Lucana is a dormant soul. So he's trapped inside himself. We must find the being on the planet with the same features of him."

        "I see..and what did it look like?"

        "You should know," Naku said, "He is all over your ship." He looked at the wall with the same picture he was looking at when they had first met on it.
        Shima looked and paused for a moment. "That is The Lucana?"

        "Yes. It is only fit. The ships name is the Dragonfly, and Lucana is the ruler of all dragons"

        "I know that much. Thats why it is a valuable weapon. Whoever controls it, controls all dragons and everything related to them. Dragons are the srongest creatures in the galaxy. Some can even destroy the best battleships by themselves." Shima said, tracing the etching with his finger.

        Naku nodded. "And that is why he has been hidden so well, that its taken millions of years to even find the planet."

        Leena called out to Shima, "Captain sir, we are reaching the destination."

        "Very good. Land us quickly." Shima yelled back, then he looked back at Naku. "Are you going to brace yourself this time?"

        Naku smiled. "Yeah."

~author's note

thanks for reading my first chapter!!!! =^^= I am sorry if there are many misspellings and whatnot (my writing hours often are from midnight to who knows when and I get a little lazy with the spellcheck) I hope you really liked it though....plz comment!!!! T.T



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Astri on June 22, 2006, 9:06:17 AM

Astri on last I get to read your story, and actually learn a little about the characters I have seen so often. there a picture of these two? I need to go check...

Not to be redundant, but I agree with Trinity_Fire and Midnight_Chaos. I like this beginning--you get a good feel of the characters here--and although there are a few typos, indeed, nothing major. Your Leena reminds me of Chrono Cross Leena--I can totally see her bashing Naku `round the head with a besom. Fun images ^.^

Well, onto the next chapter!

Trinity_Fire on May 7, 2006, 3:45:57 AM

Trinity_Fire on
Trinity_FireYay!!! Nice! I really really like the feel of the story, and the charries here and how they all act.
What a cute lil boy Naku is... tehehehehe. :3 Wai~!
And such of a wonderful plotline! I see a bit of star ocean in here, and it makes me happy. hehehehe.
3 chappies too! ::bustles off to read more::

Midnight_Chaos on May 6, 2006, 4:09:40 PM

Midnight_Chaos on
Midnight_ChaosNice start!! I loved it lol. Shima and Naku have great characterisation and the description you've used is really detailed. The plot so far is awesome too. There are only a couple of typos, but nothing major lol. On to the next chapter!! WHHOOOHHH!!! *runs off screaming like a loony*
~Corad~ ^o^