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Chapter 4 - Brothers are such trouble

The LuCana, god of dragons, has been locked away, dorment inside his own soul for many thousands of years. The empire of Hexia, advanced race of planet conquring beings, have found out about this adn plan on controling him as a weapon...

Chapter 4 - Brothers are such trouble

Chapter 4 - Brothers are such trouble
Chapter 4: Brothers Are Such Trouble

        Its had been some time since they had landed on the planet of Kalimna. Captain Shima was growing accustomed to the lush green enviroment. Many of the soldiers looked at the plants in a grimace. They hated the thought that some underdeveloped planet such as this one was more fortunate and rich, than any of the eight planets of Hexia. They didn't think such a race deserved to have such a wonderful gift.

        The sections of soldiers had went their seperate ways searching for the Lucana. Two of the sections, Leena's and Rylain's, stayed with Captain Shima at the battleships. The four guardians, as usual, were nowhere to be seen. Shima was in his office talking to Leena.

        "No Captain Shima, none of the others have reported any sign of the Lucana. Perhaps we should ask Colonel Feign to send the blue or green division to help in the search," Leena said standing before Shima's desk.

        Shima looked up at her. "There is no need Leena. The blue and green divisions are probably already on their way, knowing my brother." Suddenly a red button on the screen attached to Shima's desk lit up. "Speaking of my brother..."

        Shima pressed the button and Feign popped up on the screen. "Hello my little teddy bear of a brother!"

        "Don't call me that." Shima twitched. Leena tried not to giggle.

        "Relax Shima, no one else can hear me."
        Shima glared at Feign. "Colonel, soldier Leena is in my office."

        "Oh really? Turn me around so I can see her." Shima sighed and turned the screen. "Hello Leena, how are you?"

        "Fine, Colonel Feign, what about you?"
        "Oh fine, but I feel very unloved right now, my brother is very cold to me."

        "Oh I know, Captain Shima just doesn't know how to lighten up."

        The two of them just kept on chatting like they were old friends. Captain Shima finally bursted out, "am I the only one that takes this military job seriously around here?!?"

        leena straightened up, "Sorry sir I was out of line."

        Feign sighed and looked toward his brother. "So, how is the search going? My little helper hasn't gotten in touch with me as of late."

        Shima looked down. "Guardian Naku fell in battle."

        "oh...How tragic. He was a good kid."
        "We have not found the LuCana yet, but I'm sure we are getting close." Shima seemed as if he wanted to change the subject quickly." The soldiers have informed me that they have heard of a giant temple in honor of him, and so I told them to search there next."

        "oh by the way," Feign said looking around the room like a little kid whose telling his dad that he did something wrong." The king wished for me to send the other divisions, and I thought it best to do just that. They will arrive within five days."

        Shima nodded, pretending that he had not predicted this turn of events beforehand.

        "Also... The Prince and Princess are coming too."

        "What!" Shima jumped up, nearly spilling the cup of water beside him. He couldn't believe it! How did they expect him to carry out his mission with them running around. The Princess was a tipical spoiled brat of a princess, and the Prince was the most evil hexian that Shima had ever seen. The so called demons on the pirate battleships across the galaxy had giving The royal Hexian the title of Demon Prince, for they marveled and honored the coldness of his heart and the cruelty of his actions.

        "They will be there later than the divisions, but we aren't sure when exactly. They stopped by Hexia V to visit their mother and father first."

        Shima just nodded not really paying attention to his brother. He was actually trying to figure out how he could get out of this situation.

        "Thats all to report. Notify me when the other divisions arrive." Feign said. One second after the screen shut off. Shima sat back down and closed his eyes in deep thought. After a few seconds he decided maybe he could get one of the other division captains to take care of them. The green captain was just promoted to his postion last month and wouldn't know what he was getting himself into by taking on the task. He might even think it an honor. Yes, thats just what Shima would do. He thought it cruel to do such a thing to the fellow captain, but then again, everything was cruel in the galaxy...


        As the sun rose on the valley where the three tavelers were sleeping by the now dim fire that had kept them warm in the night, Naku opened his eyes as soon as the light hit his face. Naku was used to getting up with the sun. When he was in training, the chip installed in his spine would send a shocking jolt through him at a minute after sunrise if he wasn't awake. It was a very mean way to wake someone up, but Naku didn't think it as such. He didn't know anything else. It was just part of the hexian life.

        Naku sat up and looked at his companions. Flip was sitting up in the tree asleep with his bare feet and legs hanging down carelessly. At that moment, Naku didn't remember that this was the dormant god of dragons that had the power to destroy entire planets if he wished. He looked apon him instead as if he were a small child, helpless and in need of protection from the evils of the world. Evils like the Cilata asleep right under the tree. Flip had let Arkin follow even thought Naku had tried to stop him from doing so. He did not see how The dragon boy could care so much about a soul eater. He thought for a few seconds and then realized this would be a good opportuntiy to dispose of the creature. Slowly he edged up to the sleeping monster, but before he could get close enough to cause any harm, Arkin opened his eyes and sat up.

        "You have some sort of tar on your boots. I could hear it trying to stick to the dirt," he said in a calm tone, "when your trying to sneak up on someone, you should go barefoot."

        Naku just snorted angrily and glared at Arkin. Arkin didn't need him to say anything. He already knew what was going through the blonde's mind. It was the same thing that everyone thought when they knew what he was. They wanted him gone at any cost. Not Flip though. Flip was the only one to understand. Arkin couldn't help his nature and shouldn't be blamed for it. He had to eat to survive and souls were the only thing he even could eat. Others just wanted to wipe the Cilata race off the face of the planet, but Flip respected the nature of his people and only tried to survive himself, without the hatred that others harbored in their hearts. Arkin finaly knew what it was to have a friend and an ally.

        Flip stirred in the tree and looked down at the two. "Are you two still going at it? Naku, stop being so mean."

        "I'm not mean!" Naku yelled.

        Flip jumped down from the tree landing on his feet. A warm smile brightened his pale face. "Whatever you say, Naku. I'm hungry, lets go catch some breakfast!"

        "Catch breakfast?" Naku said curiously.

        Arkin snorted. "Silly boy, have you not heard of fishing?"

        "Of course I've heard of it!" Naku said as he threw a rock at Arkin's head. "I just haven't ever done it is all."

        Flip jumped up and down. "Oh, yay, then I can teach you! Come on, to the river!" Flip exclaimed as he ran toward the river they had passed just before setting up camp.

        Arkin followed after him quickly. "Hey, Flip darling, what am I to eat!?"

        Naku sighed and followed slowly. He didn't really like the idea of catching his own food especialy fish. He had heard that they were extremly disgusting to gut and cook. His hope was that Tir would be nice and do Naku's fish as well as his own.

        Before Naku could catch up, he heard a distinct sound behind him from the tree that Flip had jumped out of. It was the sound of a man sized being landing on one of the sturdy branches. As he looked back he saw a figure in the shadow of the leaves.

        "You should leave my brother alone. You have no idea of what shall happen if he is awoken," the figure said.

       Naku squinted trying to see the person better. "What do you mean? Show yourself."
        The man jumped down and landed on his feet exactly as Flip did minutes before. It was a dragon-kin, tall with blonde hair that was tipped green. He had electric green eyes and his ears were pointed like Flip's, though not as long. His face also reminded him of Flip, only stronger and somehow colder. There had been a rumor that the LuCana had a brother, that watched over his dormant soul, by the name of Chaosin. Naku assumed this must be him.

        "Do not take him to that captain of yours. Just leave Flip be."

        Naku suddenly flared up in anger. "Why should I? The god has a right to be set free! What kind of a brother are you to let your little sibling remain dormant and not have the life he was born to!"

        Chaosin stood there silent for a moment, then chuckled. "You don't understand little hexian. Its not of my will that he remains dormant. it isn't even the wish of the people that sealed him."

        "wha?" Naku stared at him confusedly.

        "I'll give you untill you reach the captain, and if you haven't departed from him yet, I will be forced to step in and make sure you and your people won't be able to come after him again." And with that the dragon spread his massive black wings and flew up into the sky.

        Naku stood there for a moment gazing up at path that the dragon had taken into the sky. This turn of events was actualy quite fortunate. Now he knew he was one hundred percent correct in thinking Flip was the LuCana. Though Chaosin could turn out to be a problem later on, Naku was sure Shima could handel it. He turned and started back to the river unafraid of the threats that were just said to him.

        Flip had aready caught a fish with his bare hands when Naku arrived. He handed it to Arkin. "Here. I know you can only last so long on fish and animal aura, but its better than nothing, eh?"

        Arkin cringed a bit, "Flip darling, I hope this is the last time you decide on fish for a meal."

        "Oh just kiss it, Mr. Whiney."

        Arkin hesitated for a brief moment and then kissed the flapping fish, sucking the aura out of it. He then handed the dead fish back to Flip, who was taking the dagger out of his boot to clean it.

        Flip looked up at Naku. "There you are. What took you so long?"

        "Oh nothing. I just stopped in thought is all."

        Arkin grinned. "How lovely, the blonde has learned to think!"

        Naku growled and said, "Oh shut up fish lips!"

        Arkin covered his mouth and Flip giggled. The dragon boy went back to fishing. Naku tried to catch a few fish but only managed to catch a small one. After awhile Flip cleaned and cooked them all. Naku didn't like the smell of the fish and Arkin was almost sick from seeing the guts. He didn't show it though. He didn't want yet another thing that Naku could make fun of him for.

        After eating, they packed up everything and headed toward the next town. Arkin caught squirrels along the way to steal their aura so he didn't get too weak. Tir saved all the squirrel's fur to maybe make something later. Naku just walked alongside them and went back into deep thought about how proud his captain would be of him, and how Tir would aid them on their quest greatly.


        After flying for about a day Chaosin reached his destination. He landed on the roof of a black stone castle that had been abandoned for centuries. most of the stain-glass windows were broken and walls were unstable and crumbling. Chaosin slipped through a hole in the roof and landed in the throne room. The brilliant throne was made of beautiful marble and the back was cracked down the middle. There were bloodstains down the throne and onto the floor. One of a light blood, and then another, dark blood... Dragon blood.

        Chaosin looked at the throne in sadness from what he had seen so long ago in that very same room. He could almost hear the crying, the painful screams, but something else caught his attention. He looked to the left and saw a pair of piercing eyes in the dark shadows staring at him so intensly, he felt as though they were burning into him.

        "I found them." Chaosin said. "It was easy. My brother still has the same scent after all."

        A dark cold voice called out. "And, what did you do?"

        "I gave the hexian a chance. If he doesn't leave my little brother alone, then I will take matters into my own hands."

        "That is madness, Chaosin! What if he awakens before you can stop them, we have to end this now!" The evil voice shrieked.

        "If we rush things the shell of my brother might panic. You know he can't go through an intense emotion, he might break out on his own!"

        The eyes glared at him furiously. "That is a risk we can take, Chaosin. We can not fail him now!"

        Chaosin glared back."Do what you wish, demon, but if it falls through, it will be on your hands!"

        "Fine, I will do this on my own!" the eyes dissapeared and a small feline scurried out from the shadows and out the castle.

        Chaosin watched the cat go out of the door and then shook his head. "such a fool that cat is when it comes to little brother..."


Authors Note:

I hope you all have liked my story thus far. I will be the first to tell you, this is one of my lesser thought out works, and just a small part in the chronicles. But hey, you should read it anyway to know whats going on in the others when they are posted!






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Astri on June 22, 2006, 9:25:53 AM

Astri on
AstriKissing a fish. A soul-eater forced to kiss a fish. There is at least one gem like this in every chapter of your story. "Fish-lips"...ha! Arkin must've LOVED that.

Is it Flip or Tir?! I'm getting lost in the switch!

And the cat. I must learn more about this "cat"--on to the next chapter! After I eat!

Trinity_Fire on May 8, 2006, 8:52:40 AM

Trinity_Fire on
Trinity_FireAhahaha, little teddy bear of a brother! XDDD Shima, too!
Wai, I luvs your story~!! The characters, they're all so wonderful, and the plotline... it all seems pretty well thought-out to me. :3
Wai~! So very ver interesting. .__. And I luuuuuvs your updates! keep it up, awesome! XD