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Chapter 8 - The bratty princess and the deviant prince

The LuCana, god of dragons, has been locked away, dorment inside his own soul for many thousands of years. The empire of Hexia, advanced race of planet conquring beings, have found out about this adn plan on controling him as a weapon...

Chapter 8 - The bratty princess and the deviant prince

Chapter 8 - The bratty princess and the deviant prince
Chapter 8: The Bratty Princess and the Deviant Prince

        "Where is my Podo, brother?" Princess Nadia yelled as she was running across the hall of the royal battleship to her brother's room. Nadia was a very pretty hexian with peach colored skin and long wavy brown hair that wasn't up in her usual bun at the time. She had just gotten out of the shower and had thrown on some pink pants and a bra. No one but her brother and herself was on the ship. It was of the highest technology know to hexian kind and didn't need a crew, so she decided she didn't need a shirt. Even if Kreedeth wasn't her brother, he wouldn't look anyway. He was interested the male gender. It was the royal family's big secret. In fact, Kreedeth had many secrets. Even secrets that his dear sister did not know.

        She turned the corner and entered his room to see Kreedeth laying on his bed with his lower half under the sheets and sleeping like a baby. It was obvious he didn't have any clothes on which was probably the only reason he was under the sheets. his tan skin contasted with the white cloth and his long blonde hair that surrounded him.His long and pointed ear was twitching to the beat of the clock on the wall. Kreedeth didn't look like a hexian. His feet had five toes and were webbed between them, and his hands were also webbed. He had a long slick tail, but it couldn't be seen under the sheets.

        She walked over and yelled again. "Kreedeth, wake up! You have to help me find Podo!"

        Kreedeth's ear twitched one more time before he opened his eyes. His right light green eye was the only one visible because the other side of his face was buried in the pillow. He looked up at Nadia. "I am going to hurt you."

        "Whatever, have you seen him?"

        Kreedeth lifted his upper body up and looked at her with both of his eyes, the other eye being bright blue. "Why would I know where your damn stuffed puppy is?"

        Nadia glared and put her hands on her hips. "Well, your the only one that is on the ship desides me, you had to put him somewhere!"

        "Just ask the ship." He said, rolling his eyes.

        The princess put her hands on he hips. "Fine!" She turned to the wall and said, "Manix !"

        A male monotone voice came from in the wall. "Yes my lady?"

        "Find Podo."

        suddenly, the wall opened up. A metal hand holding a freshly washed, brown, stuffed puppy came out. "I cleaned the Podo, my lady."

        Nadia grabbed it and held it close to her heart. "Don't ever take it out of my room without my permission, Manix! "

        The monotone voice answered again, "I am sorry to stress you, my lady. I will obey your command."
        "See? I didn't touch it," Kreedeth said, laying his head back down on the pillow. "Now get out of my room."

        "Hrmph, I sure hope you aren't this lazy after we land." Nadia walked off to her room with her little stuffed puppy and went into her own room to get a quick nap in before their arrival to Kalimna.


        Naku woke up in a daze. He found as he opened his eyes that he still couldn't see anything. Each twitch of his eyes came with a oddly dull pain.In fact, everything felt dull, including his sense of touch. His hearing had come back and was working fine though. He could hear Natami tapping her dainty foot next to him.

        After a few seconds Natami noticed that he was moving. "Naku!"

        "Natami, whats going on? Where are we?"

        "We were saved. Well...You were saved. Were back in the town."

        Another voice sounded in the room. "it was a good thing I decided to follow you."

        Naku knew this voice. He just didn't know from where exactly. For now, he didn't much care. "I can't see anything."

        Natami sighed. "That because you have a blindfold on, Naku. "

        "I do?! I can't feel it."

        The man spoke again. "You shouldn't feel much for awhile. I had to dull your pain. I thought it would be too much for you. Gashed eyes are horrible to deal with."

        Naku sat up and felt around on his face for the blindfold. the light blinded him as he pulled it down around his neck.

        "You almost lost your sight. Its a good thing he was there, I wouldn't have been able to heal your eyes in time." Natami sighed and scratched her head.

        Naku eyes stung as the light reflected in them, but after a while they came into focus. He looked over to where the male voice had came from. "You!"

        The man smiled

        "You're the elder from Flip's village! "

        "Yes and its a good thing I followed you. What a mess you have gotten yourselves into."

        Naku sat up, rubbing his right shoulder. "It wasn't our fault the damn demon decided to kidnap Flip."

        "True. In any case we must act quickly and bring Flip back to us safely."

        Naku scratched his head in thought. "But we don't even know where they are!"

        The elder Smiled. "well it's a good thing we have someone that can sniff out his soul."


        Naku looked over to the open door just in time to see Arkin, badly cut and bruised but fine otherwise, limp through the door.

        "You!" Naku almost jumped out of his bed.

        Arkin smiled. "Sorry to dissapoint you by being alive dear, but you can blame this lovely man here for that."

        "I found him in the woods a little after you had both left him there. You two are just horrible. What do you think Flip would have done if he knew you had left Arkin to die."

        Naku and Natami both shrunk down like small puppies.

        "Back onto the subject, Arkin is barely able to limp around" Natami said, "How is he going to travel?"

        "We will wait a few days till his leg is healed."

        "We don't have time!" Naku yelled. "Flip needs us!"

        "Relax, Naku. I have reason to doubt that these demons shall do anything to harm him."

        Naku shifted in his bed in frustration.

        The elder sighed. "Besides, do you really think your up to facing the Reotai's in your condition? we must prepare you..."


        That night the elder took naku out of the Inn and into the woods just outside of the town.

        "where are we going?" Naku asked, still squinting for his eyes were still blurry.

        "You will see."

        "Um...elder...What is your name?"

        The elder smiled. " Ookami Oite Hitsuji Irui "
        "You can call me Ookami."
        "What a strange name," Naku said. "Does it mean anything special?"
        Ookami's smile almost turned into a smirk. "Maybe. You will see later. Ah, here we are."
        The Kalimnian stopped near a large cave. The entrance was a beautifuly carved silver and gold door. It was magicaly wonderful, though tarnished and covered in a thick green vine that stretch all the way across the cave.
        "This is the Cave of Elementals."
        Naku stared at the door. "Cave of Elementals?"
        "Thats right. Here you will be able to obtain the power you need..."









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Astri on June 22, 2006, 10:38:36 AM

Astri on
AstriI like these two. Very much ^.^ Was there a picture of Kreedeth in your gallery? I can't remember...I must go look again.

And on a lighter note still--Naku is not blind! Arkin IS alive! I knew it! Haha! Good, I liked Arkin ^.^ But I did not foresee the elder returning. Now I'm getting curious about him as well...

Well, your story just gets more and more interesting. Onwards yet again...

Trinity_Fire on May 9, 2006, 8:15:20 AM

Trinity_Fire on
Trinity_FireOoooooh, more characters, and more buildup! O_______O
So very very interesting~! Wai! Flip, Naku, Arkin, I wuvs them all!!! yes'm! X)
Wai~! continue~! I'll read every chance I get. :)