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Chapter 1 - The Beginning-The First Winter

Ryouko, now legendary, leaves Konoha with a heavy heart. His purpose and his girlfriend both taken from him, he's soon forced to confront a new fear from an old foe...

Chapter 1 - The Beginning-The First Winter

Chapter 1 - The Beginning-The First Winter
Gone…All I wanted was in my grasp, and now it’s faded away. Faded so far that I could never hope to catch it…

Ryouko took a last fond look at the Leaf Village. Time had indeed passed him by; his ways of thinking was neither solicited nor welcome anymore. The cover of night and a thick rain giving him cover, Ryouko shuffled out of the gates, silently bidding farewell to his home. It held too many memories. As much as Ryouko loved the Leaf Village, he had to let go. After giving Sasuke back, Ryouko himself had been questioned. Sasuke’s changed attitude, and the prestige his name carried, left Ryouko’s name smudged. Legend or not, the villagers had the hope of the Uchiha clan back, and seemed to have little use for Ryouko.

It was time to go.

A chakra cigarette jutting from his mouth, Ryouko forced himself not to look back as he walked through the enormous gates of Konohagakure and out into the world once more. Time kept moving forward, and you had to move with it, even when going backwards seems like the better prospect.


In Otogakure, Kabuto held the two Striking Serpent Blades in front of him, almost reverently. They were legendary relics indeed. The blades that had fell one of the Legendary Sannin and his apprentice. Quite a find indeed. They had been resting at the bottom of the gorge that Orochimaru and Ryouko had fought at, hidden by the water. Time had rusted the blades, but they were still deadly sharp, and carried a deadly soul. The sword wasn’t the soul’s only guardian, however.

“Well, this is an annoying seal he put on these swords. It seems he’s released one soul, that of Sasuke…” Kabuto held one blade up, turning it over and looking for any telltale markings. He only found Ryouko’s seal on it, consisting of his handprint, with the characters for ‘fire’, ‘wind’ ‘water’ ‘heaven’ and ‘void’ burned over the pinky, ring finger, index finger, middle finger, and thumb, respectively.

“Interesting…the two blades were meant to be in harmony, and now the ‘yin’ and the ‘yang’, the respective souls the blades held, have been disrupted. Leaving the seal susceptible to weakness.” Kabuto smiled as he held the two swords up. Their ornate designs caught his eye, and it was then Kabuto decided that they would make a fine gift for Lord Orochimaru, when he returned.

“It’s going to take time, though, to decipher the seal. It would take less time and effort to let the seal weaken, and then release it. The power of a cursed seal could do it, with the right amount of effort. There’s only a handful left to choose from, but the right person exists, and is in the palm of my hand…”


Lady Tsunade and Shizune were both smiling widely. Sasuke and Sakura had become fast friends, and even a couple. Sakura’s kind heart had melted Sasuke’s icy demeanor like spring melts the frost left by winter. His short stay in the prison of that blade, and the story of how he was released (Sakura convincing Ryouko to release the seal) expanded the portion of his heart that contained love. Only love could rebuild the Uchiha clan. Sasuke’s wasn’t ready for that responsibility yet, but he had found the ‘yin’ to his ‘yang’ in Sakura.

“I see you two wasted no time in getting to know each other again,” Tsunade commented with a hint of a smile. It was no secret that having Sasuke back was prestigious to her village. And, Tsunade had found, that with Sasuke back, Sakura worked even harder, and was more focused on her studies than ever. Tsunade had been worried that Sakura would slack off with Sasuke’s return and subsequent interest in her; it had been the opposite. Instead, it seemed to motivate Sakura even further.

“The time I forfeited to Orochimaru was time wasted,” Sasuke returned the smile with his trademark half-smirk. Since his release from both Orochimaru’s grip and the holding cell that was one of the Striking Serpent blades, Sasuke had put on more muscle, and had become more wary of what others thought. It had been strange at first, but now everyone had gotten used to the new Sasuke. Some were reminded of the little Sasuke that used to run down the streets, always polite and friendly.

“I’m glad you feel that way, and that you’re ready to get back in the game. The Uchiha clan have always been Konoha’s police force. Are you up to the task?” Tsunade clasped her hands under her chin, while Shizune held Tonton around her ample waist.

“I am.” Sasuke shifted his arm, which was around Sakura’s waist. Sakura kissed him on the cheek, then laid her head on his shoulder. The picture of a happy couple.

“Very well. I’m going to assume that you’ve chosen Sakura as your associate. You’re free to go and conduct the usual business. You’re dismissed,” Tsunade replied, with a flick of her hand, an indication that Sakura and Sasuke were free to go. As the couple left, Tsunade sighed dreamily, tilting her head to the side as she thought back to some other time.

“Ah, young love! We should all be so lucky, eh Shizune?” Tsunade was thinking out loud, still in another time.

“Yes M’lady…” Shizune responded, not quite fully enthusiastically. She was absently holding Tonton around the waist and looking out the window. Tsunade immediately knew what she was thinking.

“Shizune, if you’re worried about the boy, don’t be. He’ll be fine. It was just puppy love.” Tsunade knew that Shizune was a soft touch when it came to Ryouko Kaguya.

“I’m not so sure, Lady Tsunade. Don’t you feel it? Like something’s wrong? Like we’ve missed something? Or…I don’t know, it’s just a bad feeling!”

“Oink!” Tonton chimed in, expressing worry in her own way.

“You worry too much Shizune! What could possibly be wrong? The Village is safe, one of our most famous clans is being restored, and Orochimaru’s threat has ended! Things couldn’t be better…unless, of course, we got some pachinko machines in the Hokage mansion!” Tsunade was in high spirits, and more cheerful that usual. There had been a festival the day before in honor of the victory over Orochimaru. But even then, Shizune had the same worried look on her face.

“I don’t know, Lady Tsunade…you’re probably right, I’m sure it’s nothing!” Shizune tried to push the dark, foreboding thoughts aside. But they burst right back in when Rock Lee and Naruto barreled into the room.

“Lady Tsunade, Naruto and I-” Lee began, but Naruto shoved him aside.

“Grandma, Ryouko’s gone! Lee and I went to see him this morning, but his apartment was completely empty! Like no one had been there!” Naruto was shouting, causing Shizune’s worry to return like dark clouds during a rainstorm.

“Nonsense! You know very well that Ryouko’s ego took a blow. I’m sure he’s fine, and he’s just out training somewhere. You know how he is about his training. I’m sure he’ll be back.” Tsunade knocked one pigtail aside as if oblivious to the situation.

The fact that Tsunade wasn’t concerned irritated Shizune. Doesn’t she care? She acts like Sasuke defeated Orochimaru, while he was helping him the whole time! She won’t give Ryouko any credit. Now he’s left…it’s too much of a coincidence to ignore…I’ve got to do something!

“Pardon me, M’lady. It looks like it’s Tonton’s snack time, please excuse us!” Shizune bowed and left the room quickly, carrying Tonton, who oinked questioningly.

“I am worried about Ryouko-sama. It is not like him to miss our sparring matches…” Lee mused.

“Maybe he’s let his legend status go to his head,” Tsunade fired back, starting to get irritated. When Lee and Naruto both opened their mouths to talk, she held up a hand for silence.

“Not another word about it!” Tsunade demanded. Naruto and Lee exchanged glances, but shuffled out of the room, trying to mask their concern.



“I know it’s not snack time, Tonton. But play along, okay?” Shizune patted the pot-bellied pig, who immediately sensed that Shizune was panicked. As Shizune was her caretaker, Tonton thought it best to go along with this.

“Now, where would he be this time of day? Hmm…Oh, of course! Come on, Tonton!” Shizune set the pig down, and they hustled down the streets of the Hidden Leaf, to the one spot they were sure to find their target.


“That’s it…that’s it…a little more to the left…hehehe, jackpot baby! Oh yeah! My research has paid off again! Jiraiya, you genius toad sage!”

Jiraiya, who was sitting on a building overlooking the hot spring, made fervent notes in his scroll, and even a few sketches of the young woman who was unwittingly posing for him. He was blushing the color of the sunrise, and smiling as widely as his face would allow.

Splendid figure…gorgeous eyes…drop-dead legs! This girl’s the whole package! HAHAHA, the next book in the Make-Out Series will be out within the year! Jiraiya now watched for his own enjoyment, having gotten enough ‘research’ done for today. Not that he wasn’t taking notes in his head anyway.

Now if I could just figure out a way to hear their conversations! They seem like healthy, normal, curious young ladies!


Shizune landed on the building, immediately frowning in disgust at Jiraiya. Lady Tsunade would be furious with him! But that thought was quickly rescinded in favor of her concern.

“Master Jiraiya?” Shizune asked carefully. Jiraiya, upon hearing a female voice, nearly drooled.

“SOMEONE CALL MY NAME?!” Jiraiya spun around, looking for the attractive young woman who undoubtedly wanted to get to know him better. “COME ON OVER, GOOD LOOKIN’!”

Shizune and Jiraiya both grew sweatdrops at the same time, staring at each other. Tonton’s nose wrinkled with displeasure.

“Oh, Shizune, it’s you. Heh, sorry about that, you know how I really get into my work! Now, what can I do for you?”

Shizune looked down. “Well, Master Jiraiya, could we…have this conversation somewhere else? I don’t want Lady Tsunade to overhear…she’s just not understanding!” Shizune stamped her foot in frustration, then looked around, as if that motion would send Tsunade running to their location.

“Take it easy, Shizune. We’ll go to Akamadori, and you can tell me about it over a drink, alright? My treat. Looks like you could use the alcohol to settle you down, no offense.” Jiraiya began to pack up his things, though he took an extended look through his telescope as he compacted it to put it away.

A little drink couldn’t hurt…this IS nerve wracking! And Master Jiraiya is the only one I can turn to now…it has to be one of the Sannin. Or is it Yonnin? Do I count them as four together, or three, plus a new one? Aieee, Lady Tsunade would kill me if she knew what I was doing! No, no! SOMEONE has to be in Ryouko’s corner!


The Akamadori bar was bustling. People were enjoying their meals, and the respite from the sun outside. It was nice and cool inside the bar, and the beverages were an immense relief from the oppressive heat of the summer outside.

“Ah! Thank you!” Jiraiya said to the waitress as his food was served. He picked up his chopsticks and grabbed his first bite. After chewing and swallowing, he looked sideways to Shizune, who was sipping at her sake, and still looking incredibly antsy. She was moving her fingers all over the cup, like her hand was having some kind of a spasm.

“So, what’s this problem you wanted to talk to me about?”

Shizune turned to face Jiraiya, not looking him in the eyes. “Well…I don’t know if you noticed, Master Jiraiya, but at the festival yesterday, the guest of honor wasn’t there. Or…who SHOULD have been the guest of honor…This morning, Naruto and Rock Lee came into Lady Tsunade’s office, screaming that Ryouko Kaguya had left. She just brushed it aside…but I’m worried, Master Jiraiya! That festival turned into a celebration of Sasuke and Sakura loving each other, instead of Orochimaru’s defeat! And you saw how Ryouko was after he unsealed Sasuke’s soul! I think something’s wrong! I can’t leave to go find him, Lady Tsunade would skin me! I was hoping you could…I don’t know, talk to him, calm him down…even just finding him and letting him know that he still has people who care!” Shizune had gotten borderline desperate at the end, while Jiraiya remained calm.

“Ryouko left? I can’t say I’m surprised. Legendary status does that, it gives those of us with the title a need to expand our horizons. It’s healthy, really…”

Shizune shook her head fiercely from side to side. “No! It’s not like that! Master Jiraiya, he left the village without saying a word to anyone about it! You, and Lady Tsunade, and even Orochimaru let the village know you were leaving! Ryouko just up and left. The last time I saw him, he was sitting on the roof where Lord Third died…He didn’t look well. It was like…something inside him had just snapped. He hadn’t spoken to anyone since he unsealed Sasuke’s soul!”

Jiraiya took a drink of Sake, then wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Hmm…I think you’re right to be worried, that doesn’t sound like Ryouko at all…I’ll try to corral him. In the mean time, you keep acting like nothing’s wrong around Tsunade, so she doesn’t get suspicious.” Jiraiya tossed his napkin on the counter, snapped his chopsticks in half, and left the bar.

Shizune bought a flask of sake; things tended to go smoother when Lady Tsunade was happy. And the Akamadori brand of sake made Tsunade a happy Hokage indeed.


Shizune nodded. “I know, I’m buttering her up Tonton. But she’s going to be so angry if she finds out…you know how scary she can be…”

Ryouko hadn’t gotten far; he hadn’t tried to. He had meandered along the dirt path under the trees, trying to let the scenery consume him so he could forget his inner turmoil. The scenery changed radically as Ryouko went; he was nearing Tanzaku town. Dully noting that he was low on sake, rice, and chakra cigarettes, Ryouko decided to make a quick stop. Even if anyone from the Hidden Leaf bothered to come looking for him, the crowds Tanzaku town habitually had would make his escape easy; it was easy to slip into a crowd and disappear.


“What the hell?!” Ryouko leapt backward, skidding in a low stance and kicking up dust from the path as he drew his daggers. But Ryouko returned them to their sheaths almost instantly. The giant toad in front of him could only mean the arrival of Jiraiya.

“Master Jiraiya?” Ryouko asked, for it struck him that this could also be Naruto’s arrival.

“In the flesh, the one and only Toad Sage!” Jiraiya jumped down from atop the toad, who disappeared in a puff of smoke.

“It’s just ‘Jiraiya’ now, Ryouko. You’re legendary, too!” Jiraiya playfully ruffled Ryouko’s hair under his hood. “So, you wanna tell me why you up and left the Leaf Village?”

“It’s complicated, Jiraiya, and I don’t wish to waste your time with boring details.” Ryouko’s reply was somehow friendly and warning at the same time.

“Hey, it’s not my job to talk you out of it. One of the perks of being a legend is doing whatever you want. But, would it kill you to get a drink with me? On the up and up, no tricks. Whaddaya say? Then you can spill SOME of the details. I’m actually pretty curious…”

Ryouko sighed; Jiraiya was right. And after traveling, a drink would really hit the spot. And Ryouko couldn’t deny that it would help him to tell someone what was going on. Who better than someone who could really understand? Hadn’t Jiraiya loved Tsunade, and then left the village after his friend betrayed him? The two stories were eerily similar.

“I don’t see how it could hurt…You are more familiar with Tanzaku town than I, why don’t you lead the way?”


“Not quite what I meant, Jiraiya,” Ryouko mumbled, his head now resembling the color of a ripened tomato. He should have known better than to let Jiraiya pick the spot. Almost any place in Tanzaku town would have been fine; just not the ‘Oasis’.

Jiraiya whistled and cheered as the, ahem, performer made a few saucy, teasing moves. Ryouko, while still a man, wasn’t the pervert Jiraiya was. Exotic women dancing- great, fine, entertaining. But for as straight an arrow as Ryouko, it was embarrassing to be seen in such a place. ESPECIALLY when Jiraiya coaxed one girl off-stage and onto the seat next to him.

I thought I was supposed to tell my story… Ryouko thought with a sweat drop. After a few minutes, Ryouko tapped a blushing Jiraiya on the shoulder.

“I’m leaving Tanzaku town in one hour’s time, if you still care to hear the story,” Ryouko said sarcastically. Jiraiya got the hint and gently removed the girl from his lap.

“Right, sorry, I can never resist coming here though!”


Jiraiya sat quietly and listened while Ryouko poured out his guts in what could only be described as a dismal display of shunned emotions.

“…Sakura picked Sasuke, even after what we went through in Otogakure. The Third is dead, so is my ‘older brother’, Hayate, and my cousin, Kimimaro. Tsunade’s got it in for me, and the town is so thrilled to have Sasuke back that they don’t realize just how close they came to death!” Ryouko shook his head. “I don’t do things for the accolades Jiraiya, but it would be nice to get credit, or some kind of recognition, even if it was only once in a while.” The bags under Ryouko’s eyes seemed more pronounced, and it was as if the baby-faced nineteen year old had suddenly aged a little. He brought the little earthenware cup to his mouth and took a sip of the rich rice brew.

“I see your frustration. Sarutobi-sensei wasn’t still teaching me when he died, and although I certainly had feelings for Tsunade, she never acknowledged them as anything close to serious, the way Sakura did. If it’s any consolation, I think she really loved you, but the chance to have her life-long dream…it was too great. Almost anyone would have done the same…” Jiraiya tried to explain all this gently. He didn’t have to dumb it down for Ryouko. Though there was roughly thirty years age difference, the two communicated very well. Possibly because Jiraiya sometimes had the mentality of someone thirty years younger.

“I understand why. I barely tolerate myself, I couldn’t hope for someone like Sakura to pick me over someone like Sasuke. But, those three deaths in a row like that…that shook me up more than I care to admit,” Ryouko murmured draining his cup and nodding ‘yes’ when a refill was offered.

Jiraiya took a long sip from his cup, exhaling happily. He hadn’t started to blush yet, so he hadn’t reached his limit. “It would shake anyone up, you’re not alone. What was it Sarutobi-sensei always said? ‘Shinobi are trained to be emotionless, but true strength comes from using those emotions’, or something along those lines. Besides that, everything hit you at once, and you know something?” Jiraiya put an arm on Ryouko’s shoulder.

“You did the right thing. You helped the village when it needed you the most. You and Tsunade don’t get along, but you’re more alike than you’d be able to comprehend. That’s probably why you don’t get along, now that I think of it.” Jiraiya paused one more time, knowing Ryouko was going to leave after these words.

“Just some advice for the road: Don’t stop your studying. Legends never retire.”

Ryouko nodded, think Jiraiya’s advice to be wise. “Thank you, Jiraiya. Please put anyone who asks about me at ease. I just need some time…”

Kabuto sat down and took a deep, fortifying breath. After fixing his silver hair and straightening his ponytail, he took another look at the book he had been reading so fervently. But now, after such a long time, he had success.

“It took me two years to find this jutsu…and now, you’re the last one left with the cursed seal that return Lord Orochimaru. You’ll do it, of course, won’t you?” Kabuto knew he didn’t need to ask; he would simply use force if his chosen one declined. But this host was all too willing.

“Of course I will. I was one of the last he gave the seal to, so my body hasn’t deteriorated yet.”

Kabuto adjusted his glasses, pushing them up his nose farther. A bead of sweat was on his forehead. Despite being cocky sometimes, Kabuto was always wary around Orochimaru and his doings. Even this room bothered the medical ninja to some extent.

The dark lair, with only candles for light, was situated under-ground, hidden away from everyone. The ground was made of soil, an earthen workshop where hell had spawned. Jars of body parts lines the walls; grotesque corpses had piled in the corner. The centerpiece of the room was the throne from which Orochimaru had issued orders. It was made of black stone, and decorated with serpents, and of deformed figures bowing to an effigy of Orochimaru himself. The throne had sat vacant for two years, waiting for Orochimaru’s return. Tonight, finally, as the full moon rose, Orochimaru would come back, thanks to the sacrifice of a brainwashed follower.

“Seal Release!” Using the power of his cursed seal, the figure, clothed in all purple, reached onto the sword and grabbed the Five Elements Seal Ryouko had put on it. The seal began to burn away, but so did the user’s fingertips.

“Aghhh!” he screamed, superficially at first, but his screams soon became unearthly wails of terror and agony. Kabuto grabbed his hands and pressed them harder to the sword, increasing the man’s suffering, but hastening his Lord’s arrival. With one last scream, the man was forced to let go of the blade as energy burst from it. Kabuto shielded his eyes as the smoke and dirt cleared, then narrowed his eyes, peering into the dense fog to see if the experiment had been a success. The ‘sacrifice’ was lying across the room, blood dripping from his mouth, his hands both completely burned off. Kabuto noted that he was either dead or dying by sensing his chakra.

Damn! It’s too dark, I can’t see Lord Orochimaru! Did the experiment work?!

“Kabuto…” A hissing whisper sounded in the chamber.

Kabuto looked around, almost fearfully.

“Lord Orochimaru?” Kabuto asked, looking around. He spun around, hearing the sound of a fire crackling. The body of the sacrifice was burning; it was already half-swallowed by the orange tongues of flames.

Kabuto moved closer, his hands out in front of him for protection. What had once been a human body was now a smoldering pile of ash, still smoking from the intense heat it had been subjected to.


Again, Kabuto heard his master’s voice. But where was it coming from? It dawned on Kabuto to look down, and into the ash. When he did, he had to gulp, and even fight not to scream. Orochimaru’s face was in the ash, and it was speaking!

“Kabuto…my soul is free…I need only a body…any body…find me one…willing or not…I will lend you my chakra to perform the soul transfer jutsu. Go, hurry, this form is useless to me!”

“Right away, Lord Orochimaru.” Kabuto hastened to obey, not wanting to keep Orochimaru waiting too much longer. As it was, two years was a long time for someone as restless and power-hungry as Orochimaru. Kabuto knew that Orochimaru was going to admonish him for taking so long once he got a body.


For two years, Ryouko traveled, almost completely silent. Two years of a life consisting only of training. He had no home, and he didn’t try to make one, save for a cave during the fierce winter storm he encountered after the leaves had fallen, the first year of his departure. It was bundled in this cave that Ryouko’s life nearly came to an end, during one desperate night.

* WINTER* (Six months since his departure)

Loneliness had set in with Ryouko. Legend or not, he felt like he had failed the village he loved so much. As the snow howled outside, Ryouko stared into the small fire he had built. Was this truly existing? No, it was not. If was only a pitiful, meager half-existence. Ryouko closed his eyes, pulling his robes tighter to his body.

Lord Third…Cousin Kimimaro…Hayate…gone, all of them…So much I learned from them…it’s said that memories may warm a man’s bones, and keep spirits alive…(Ryouko shivered against the wind)Is this true? They’re dead…and they’re never coming back. I have no one to turn to. Is this being a legend? Is this really all there is? Have I lived out my usefulness at twenty years of age?

Ryouko thought back to Lord Third. The kindly, grandfatherly figure, full of knowledge and wisdom, and always ready to share it.

Ryouko, the path of evil is the path of death. But you needn’t worry, nor do I worry for you. You’re such a loyal boy. Always ready to take a mission, be it cleaning gutters or protecting someone.

Ryouko recalled seeing the Third dead. A dignified man, dead with a smile on his face, and a seal of shame on his stomach. A death at the hands of a vermin low as a snake’s belly. Ryouko remembered, all too well, the anger he felt, and continued to feel. It was as if the emotion would never be quenched; as if nothing could ever satisfy it and make it end. It also made Ryouko think: All the friends he made died deaths unworthy of them. Kimimaro was cut down by a disease, and Hayate was unceremoniously killed by a Sand Villager.

Brave people…destroyed, when they deserved a hero’s death! No…a peaceful life…a hero’s life…

Ryouko looked outside; from his position, sitting on the stone, leaning against a wall, he could see the snow still falling heavily, now blowing nearly sideways. The falling flakes made him long for spring. But spring, too, was a cursed season. It made him recall the cherry blossoms.


Ryouko looked at his rucksack, then opened it carefully. He extracted his headband, his scroll, and finally, a picture. Everyone in the village. But on the back of it was a picture of Sakura by herself, standing among the cherry trees, a few blossoms falling. The edges of the picture had faded and torn after a year’s worth of movement. But the picture itself, of Sakura, was still in fine condition. Sakura smiled at Ryouko, it seemed, while Ryouko only frowned back, as his subconscious placed Sasuke next to Sakura.

“You know, all the time we trained together these past few years, and I realize I really don’t know much about you. But, I guess that’s for another time…”

“…You aren’t alone anymore, Ryouko. We kissed, remember? Didn’t that tell you that you had me by your side?”

“You can always trust me, Ryouko. There are others, too, that haven’t deserted you. Just remember you can always come to me…”

Ryouko felt tears start to well up as he remembered Sakura’s kind words. One tear left his eye, followed by another, making a barely-audible sound on the stone floor of the cave. Ryouko started to put the picture in the fire, to rid himself of the memory. But he couldn’t force himself to let go. Instead, he put the picture, the headband, and the scroll away. As he moved, Ryouko felt the dagger in his sleeve hit his arm. He pulled the dagger out and stared at it, seeing his reflection in the cold metal. Ryouko put a hand out to touch his face, but only managed to mar the dagger with his blood when he pricked his finger. He stared at the blood, watching it fall beside his tears on the ground. Holding the dagger with a shaking hand, Ryouko held out his left wrist. One cut in the right place, and the pain would be gone forever. But Ryouko’s hand grew unsteady, as if another set of hands were pushing the dagger away. Ryouko gulped back his emotions, and returned the dagger to the inside of his sleeve.

Not yet… he thought to himself. Some force stopped me just know…it’s not yet my time…

Ryouko bowed his head, and then began to remove the threadbare tatami mat that served as his bedding. Against the cold ground it would offer little comfort, but Ryouko’s life offered just as little comfort.


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