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A description of my Sonic OC, Ekyt, whom I haven't used in years! I'm reviving him for two stories, one of which is a co-op fic with my friend, Shadowthe_Hedgehog!
My OC and Sakura both overcome some swimsuit shyness, with a little help from Naruto. Simple little one-shot to kick off summer!
A brief love story between my OC, Yuji, and Sakura. Their love comes about in a very different way than my previous fics. Please comment and enjoy!
A fatalistic boy meets a similar girl, and an attraction just sort of happens. Kept my usual OC names.
An incident affects the future of Deep Space Nine. This future must be avoided at all costs. One man who has lost everything will be the one to end the threat this future poses- at any cost.
What if Haruhi had read Shakugan no Shana and thought, just for a moment, of what would happen if Flame Hazes were real?
A mix of Shakugan no Shana and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
Lot's of different fics here. Naruto meets Ouran High School Host club. Love Hina, Negima, Happy Seven, etc, all to come soon.
Asuma and Kurenai decide to help Ryouko and Sakura get to know each other by suggesting a double-date. That date turns hellish when Orochimaru makes a visit to the Leaf Village.
A Naruto fic. Yep, that''s my speech, lol. Enjoy!
Since the chapter counter doesn't want to show 150 and above, this fic is a continuation of "The Next Guardian." It's going to start with Issue 151. Thanks everyone!
My flagship fan char gets involved in House.

This series will be more racy than my other stuff. If it's popular enough, I'll keep it going.

What to look for: mild sexual themes, mild swearing.
The Story:
A Mini-Series for my fan char, Ekyt. I'll continue this if people like it.

The Game:
This is based on the game, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), released for the Xbox360 and Playstaion 3.
This whole chapter was inspired by some real-life events. It's chapters 31-37 of Sonic X: Regeneration. Hope you all enjoy it, please comment!
A new fic based on the old cartoon. With the new box set, I had to do something, and I've been wanting to do it anyway. So, no Floating Island, just the Freedom Fighters vs. Doctor R. Classic!
Fast-Forward 25 years. Dictorial King and a masochistic queen. The original group of Freedom Fighers are still around, but now their kids take the more active rolls, trying to save Mobius from the clutches of the Evil king. 'Takin "Future" fan chars
A dark version of the freedom fighter days. contains mild language and mildly risque scenes
A Sonic X fanfic. Features fan chars at times, and is my second-longest running series!
A Fan-fic about the guardian in training. Don't worry, there are two guardians, Knuckles isn't done yet.
This is going to be an actual series, so check back for updates!