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Chapter 2 - Linda-SU

A description of my Sonic OC, Ekyt, whom I haven't used in years! I'm reviving him for two stories, one of which is a co-op fic with my friend, Shadowthe_Hedgehog!

Chapter 2 - Linda-SU

Chapter 2 - Linda-SU
Name: Linda-Su

Title: Police Officer (in Echidna settlement of “New Echidnapolis”)

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Appearance: A dark pink echidna with streaks of purple in her dreadlocks and green eyes. She is typically seen wearing her police uniform (A black vest and green vest, a black belt, and a pair of black and green boots)

Julie-Su (Sister)


Linda-Su was the “good child” among her and her sister. Julie-Su joined the Dark Legion; Linda-Su entered the Echinda Police Academy and was made an officer at a young age.  Thus far, she has performed her duties under Constable Remington perfectly.


Linda-Su is well liked by everyone, and she is especially close to her sister. She will never sit on the sidelines during a battle- she believes she has the responsibility to always do the right thing.  

She is friendly to everyone, but doesn’t let very many close to her personally. She is especially cautious when it comes to males, but when she sees someone she likes, she will be proactive. She is not shy or giggly, and will be aggressive in a fight.


Julie-Su (sister)- her sister is her confidant. The two have always been close, even keeping in touch when Julie-Su joined the Dark Legion. 

Powers and Abilities:

Special Abilities: Unknown


-High Jumping

-Faster-than-average speed

-Echidna-style martial arts

-Very intelligent


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