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Chapter 1 - part one

this is a sadish crapish poem based on a drem i had and no i wasnt the girl. her name was amy, hope you like it.may add more

Chapter 1 - part one

Chapter 1 - part one
If to live is to die, then what is it to be dead
A sister, mother and brother , a sister friend and sister
A sister by the gods of termination in her womb
The night in which she died to her screaming, bleeding
A mother by the gods by a truck roll
The death of her daughter, grandson caused her pain
A brother by his father, locked into the abuse
The elder sister left alone to this tragedy
The only friend of the elder sister influenced by lust
Put his love over her who lied to keep her away
The elder sisters boyfriend chose the path of cheat
The only friends partner chose this way as well
The elder sisters other sister was played by suicide
The elder sister left to guard the toddler son
The elder sister caught the boyfriend
The friend caught the girlfriend
The toddler left in the grey orphanage
The elder sister and the friend followed death together
In a suicide, the elder sister did not choose
The friend first kissed and spoke of his love
And then he killed himself, followed by her
He never gave her the chance to speak if she loved
The elder sister had suffered more then her share
She had done no wrong to anyone including herself
And all she tried to do was live through the unfortunate
And he never new or cared, no one did
Please find her piece, lying in his arms
She never deserved this and her pain was caused
By not her choice but the choice of others
Those who chose suicide left her to die in pain
In the silhouette of their goodbyes and her misfortune


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