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Starfire is hurt, really bad. What happens when she falls into a coma and what does it have to do with her past? Robin thinks it's all his fault, but what will happen when he finds out there was someone in Starfire's life before him?
Kori is a new girl at a new school. She is friends with almost everybody, Well except for the Fab4. She really wants to win the Singer Search at her school and get a record deal. But one problem: Kori's really shy when it comes to the stage. Will she get
this story was already on here but FAC wouldn't let me upload any chapters. these are short song-fics and one-shots about Robin and Starfire.
Robin and Starfire are the best of friends. Bu what or should i say who will change all that? And let's not forget about Robin, how will he take it? And who will be three to pick up the pieces when someone's heart is broken?
hey peeplez! i'm back and with another rob/star fic! this will be a one-shot. if you liked "A Teen Titans Love: Robin and Starfire" then you'll love this!
if you guys love the couple Robin and Starfire then this story's for you
pleeze read!