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Today is his birthday and instead of celebrating he is drinking it away. And as usual he keeps me out mentally and emotionally. I guess that even after agreeing to help each other through everything, things manage to change.
I have just been in a writing mood. So here is a little something from the heart.
Some of us find love and manage to let it go.
Some of us find love and choose to hold on to it for life.
Now which one will you choose?
Losing someone is perfectly norman, it is part of life. Everyone handles it differently. Death brings fear to me. However I will write something like this just to clear my mind. So here is a little something I wrote after losing someone close to my heart.
I just got home and all I heard was how many chores needed to be done and how I never listened to my parents and how I'm the evil child in the family.
I am writting this as a friend of mine isn't sure if her boyfriend cares about her as much as she cares about him.
I wrote this poem after I broke up with a guy. Sadly enough I never doubted any decisions I made, but for some reason, my heart had a second thoughts.
I wrote this poem about six months ago. I was tired of being alone all the time and I had nobody to speak to. This was actually one of the first poems I wrote.
I was pissed off when I got home one evening. MOst things went bad that evening. I was pissed off at my boyfriend.
I wrote this poem after I chose to leave my boyfriend. I chose to write this to prove to him that I am not as normal as some girls he dated. I also proved to myself, that I can live through this.
a poem i wrote when i got home after a devastating date. A date that made me decide to let him go, and not waste any of our time on something that would end up nowhere.
I wrote this when i was speaking to a friend who has dated her boyfriend for a while and didn't know if she wanted to stay with him anymore. This poem told her that it was good to give him a second chance, since he didn't do anything to fully betray
I wrote this when I was speaking to someone who had a secret crush and was afraid to let the other person know. This poem inspired him to stop hiding and come out of the closet and speak his true feelings.
A poem I wrote when a friend of mine used to think that suicide was the only way to solve his problems.