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Chapter 1 - Standing Up

I wrote this poem after I chose to leave my boyfriend. I chose to write this to prove to him that I am not as normal as some girls he dated. I also proved to myself, that I can live through this.

Chapter 1 - Standing Up

Chapter 1 - Standing Up
Standing up
By Sophie Reznyak

I was left alone for the first time.
I was supposed to break down and cry.
I was supposed to never love again.
I was supposed to do many things.
Yet, I am a woman.
I do as I want not as I am supposed to.
I am strong and I didn’t stay depressed for long.
I got back on my feet and got back to life.
I may have felt lifeless and alone for a few hours.
However, I then ended it.
I refuse to stay down where spineless people are.
I got back on my feet and kept going.
I decided to keep looking.
I decided to keep my hopes up.
I decided not to settle any longer.
I decided on what I wanted.
I decided that I wanted someone not like you.
I found out I am an independent woman.
I found out I am a strong woman.
I found out I can live through this.
With support from my close friends,
With other guys out there.
I will not let you have what you want.
I will stand tall and not let you be such a pain.
I will stay friends, but not more than that.
Don’t expect a second try at this.
Next time you see me, I will have fully recovered.
I will have my old self back.
I stand up now and put an end to our reputation.
Women are strong and not spineless.
Guys are not needed.
Guys are not required.
We can live without them in our lives all the time.
But we must not give up.
There is someone real special somewhere.


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