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Favorite Stories

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Yusuke? Toguro's son? Yep! Ani's not too hapy about it and Yusuke's just beginnig to find out the wonders of a father.
Ani and Otouto disover that love comes in all different forms and in the most unfamiliar faces.
Harikiri, in her 665th year, must struggle with her evil past and decide who she loves more, Ani or her dead boyrfriend, whome she has a chance to revive.
Yusuke's life is ripped apart whe na triple death occurs and wipes out those closest to him. But an old enemy shows up and lifts Yusuke form his drowing pool of sorrow. YAOI Yusuke X Toguro
Need I say anymore? Oto loses comtrol of himself, and it's not the only thing he loses. MUST READ!
Caught in the doorway to the world of adulthood, a young Duchess is sold away to marriage, to Sakyo! When she's in love with ANOTHER! OC X Sakyo X Ani
Koenma decided to bring the Toguro;s together again, and use them for his own use. But the brothers will find it harder to get along, especially when our favorite Carrot-Top with the goofy grin comes between them. YAOI
The Toguro have a petty arguement and Toguro does the one thing he swore he'd never do, he hurt Ani, now he has to find a way to make things right.
Everyone has a drak side, what if your older brother did, what if it began to leak out? What would you do?
Yaoi Toguro Otouto X Toguro Ani (It doesn't show in the first few chapters)
Takes place after the tournament, Tougor Otouto is dead, Ani thives with one last person, his childhood friend, Exile.